Raychelle Daniel


The Pew Charitable Trusts, U.S. Arctic Program

rdaniel [at] pewtrusts.org


1849 C Street NW
Alexandria, VA 20240
United States

Brief Biography

Raychelle Aluaq Daniel grew up in Tuntutuliak, Alaska, a Yup’ik village along the Qinaq River by the Bering Sea. She is currently with The Pew Charitable Trusts U.S. Arctic Program based in Washington D.C. She collaborates with Indigenous peoples and tribal communities on advancing policy and research priorities important for a subsistence way of life. Some of these issues include: bridging indigenous knowledge and science in decision-making, advancing the co-production of knowledge, identifying policy priorities from an indigenous perspective, and addressing the impacts from anthropogenic marine activities such as Arctic shipping. She worked briefly for the Department of the Interior on policy analysis of tribal climate resilience. She coordinated the development of a monitoring plan for marine ecosystems in the Pacific Island Network and has worked on marine mammal research projects in the Beaufort Sea and the Gulf of Alaska.

Science Specialties

socio-ecological systems

Current Research

Working towards science and community-based policy in U.S. Arctic marine waters on issues related to Arctic shipping, fisheries, and offshore oil and gas. Primary role to collaborate with Indigenous partners and scientists to identify policy options formed from a scientific and Indigenous Knowledge perspective that maintain ecosystem connectivity and well being. Accomplishments include enhancing the understanding and value of Indigenous Knowledge, including people as a part of the marine Arctic ecosystem, and building local capacity to address these issues. Other advancements include developing scientific tools to advance marine conservation.