Santosh Panda


Geophysical Institute

skpanda [at]


903 Koyukuk Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99775
United States

Brief Biography

My research is primarily focused on improving the understanding of rapidly evolving permafrost dynamics in Alaska with an ultimate goal of predicting the response of permafrost to climate change and its effect on the Arctic systems. I use a variety of techniques to study the complex permafrost dynamics which range from detailed ground observation to modeling using satellite image processing. My research is vital to address some of the urgent climate change issues affecting Alaskan land, water and people through changes in permafrost such as dramatic changes in surface hydrology, vegetation, forest fires, and wildlife habitats. These changes are not only affecting Arctic ecosystems and environment but also the subsistence resources and subsistence lifestyle of Alaskan.


Permafrost, Physical Science

Science Specialties

Remote Sensing application on permafrost and Arctic landscape change

Current Research

Near-surface permafrost modeling in National Park units of Alaska
Community-based permafrost and climate monitoring, interior Alaska
Study of Colville River dynamics in North Slope of Alaska