Peter Prokosch


Umweltstiftung WWF Deutschland

prokosch [at]


Postfach 190 440

Science Specialties

environmental policy, biodiversity, bird populations

Current Research

Directs WWF Arctic Programme and involved - together with our national organizations in the eight Arctic countries - in a number of projects, which are relelated to our following 8 objectives: 1. Disturbance and fragmentation of Arctic habitats and ecosystems is halted if not reversed; 2. Abundant population levels and historic ranges of native species are maintained or restored; 3. Ensure that any use of Arctic wild species is ecologically sustainable; 4. An environment in which the effects of contaminants and climate change on ecosystems and people are significantly reduced; 5. Increase recognition of the global significance of the Arctic; 6. Arctic communities meet their cultural and economic needs, consistent with WWF's conservation objectives; 7. Capacity exists for an environmental movement in the Arctic; 8. Any development is consistent with the other programme objectives. Quarterly conservation newsletter WWF ARCTIC BULLETIN updates frequently on circumpolar environmental policy, management ,and research issues.