Lloyd Lowry


School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

llowry [at] hawaii.rr.com


73-4388 Paiaha Street
Kailua Kona, HI 96740
United States

Brief Biography

I am currently an Affiliate Associate Professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences. I received a Master of Science degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and in 1975 began work as a Marine Mammal Biologist with the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G). For the next 25 years I designed, conducted, and reported on arctic marine mammal research projects, dealing particularly with bowhead and beluga whales, ice associated seals, and walrus. Those studies focused on various aspects of distribution and movements, abundance and trends, and food habits and other aspects of ecology. Many of the studies were concerned with the potential impacts on species from oil and gas exploration and development, and I helped design and execute the harbor seal damage and restoration studies after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.

After retiring from ADF&G I have continued to do marine mammal research, particularly with beluga whales, and to work with various groups on marine mammal conservation and science projects. I have belonged to a number of advisory groups, including the Marine Mammal Commission’s Committee of Scientific Advisors, the National Marine Fisheries Service’s Alaska Scientific Review Group, the IUCN Pinniped Specialists Group and Red List Authority, and the North Pacific Research Board’s Science Panel. I served as Chair for several of those groups, and also for Endangered Species Act Recovery Teams for Steller sea lions, Western Alaska sea otters, and Hawaiian monk seals.

I have published more than 50 papers in the scientific literature, and numerous reports and book chapters.

Science Specialties

marine mammals, marine biology, marine ecology

Current Research

Biology and ecology of beluga whales, bowhead whales, ringed, bearded, spotted, ribbon, and harbor seals. Determining distribution and abundance of arctic marine mammals. Using satellite-linked telemetry to study the biology and behavior of arctic marine mammals. Marine mammal-fishery interactions. Recovery programs for endangered and threatened species.