Cana Uluak Itchuaqiyaq and Corina Qaaġraq Kramer: Getting Started with Equitable Arctic Research at Any Stage of Your Project: Tips from an Inuit Arctic Scholar - 6 June 2023


Join Corina Qaaġraq Kramer and Cana Uluak Itchuaqiyaq, Iñupiaq sister-collaborators from Kotzebue, Alaska, as they delve into three crucial elements of equitable Arctic research. In their presentation, they will explore practical strategies that can be applied to your work prior to, during, and after conducting research in collaboration with Arctic Indigenous communities. Drawing upon the valuable insights outlined in their recently published handbook, Equitable Arctic Research: A Guide for Innovation, Corina and Cana will demonstrate the ongoing relevance of equity throughout the research process. By embracing these strategies, you will be empowered to foster innovative and sustainable projects, while cultivating meaningful relationships with the Arctic Indigenous communities you collaborate with.

ARCUS Arctic Research Seminar Series