On Saturday, June 1, from 12:45 PM to 1:30 PM CEST (10:45 AM UTC), ARCUS will provide a quick 'brown bag lunch" networking opportunity for the participants in ARCUS' three organized sessions and other invited ARCUS member affiliates attending Arctic Congress in Bodø, Norway. This informal lunch will provide an excellent opportunity for networking and continuing discussions among participants in our sessions, contacts from ARCUS member organizations, and others interested in collaborating on U.S. Arctic research.

The event will include a brief welcome by ARCUS staff, followed by ample time for participants to network and share ideas.

The networking lunch, featuring cold wraps and/or sandwiches, will take place at the Quality Hotel Ramsalt in the Hundholmen Room, located at Sjøgata 37, Bodø, Norway.

For more information, please contact Brit Myers at brit [at] arcus.org.