SSC Meeting September 2017

SEARCH Science Steering Committee (SSC)/Action Team leads Planning Meeting
27-28 September 2017 | Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS) D.C. Office
1201 New York Ave, NW, 4th Floor (co-located with the Consortium for Ocean Leadership)
Washington, D.C. 20005

Meeting participation is by invitation only.
Please contact Brit Myers (brit [at] for more information.


Meeting Location

All SEARCH SSC & AT Lead meeting sessions will be held at the ARCUS D.C. Office in the Pacific conference room.

Meeting Accommodation:

For those of you traveling to D.C., we have reserved housing for you at the Morrison Clark Inn located at 1011 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20001. For those of you also attending the Sea Ice Action Team workshop, bookings have been made for the entire duration of your stay (Sept 24-28/29 unless prior arrangements have been made w/ ARCUS staff). If you have agreed to cover any personal or workshop hotel costs in advance, you will be asked to make that payment upon check-in at the hotel.

Check-in is at 3:00pm / Check-out is at 12:00pm
Get Hotel Directions Here

Ground Transportation

Where opportunities exist to arrange car-pools from/to the Airport, ARCUS staff will contact you directly to coordinate.

For additional information and contact details for other local ground transportation services, we invite you to visit the D.C. guide "Getting Around In D.C." web resource.

Per Diem and Meals

Each traveling participant will receive a per diem reimbursement for both your meeting and travel days. To maximize our meeting time, we are planning to bring in breakfast and lunch to the meeting on Wednesday, 27 September and Thursday, 28 September.

Click here for a list of other local dining options in the area.

Receipts and Travel Reimbursement Paperwork

Please keep your flight boarding passes, ground transportation receipts, and any additional receipts that you acquire for miscellaneous travel expenses. Because travelers are receiving a per diem, however, you will not need to submit receipts for your meals or other purchased food items. These documents will need to be submitted along with a completed Travel Reimbursement Request Form (attached below) to the ARCUS accounting office (3535 College Rd Suite 101, Fairbanks, AK, 99709-3710) no later than 30 days after the end of your travel. For more information about ARCUS travel reimbursement policies, please see the guidelines attached below.

To reduce the amount of travel support paperwork that SEARCH SSC members will need to submit for this trip, ARCUS will be processing per diem reimbursements for any SSC members whose workshop per diem costs are being covered by the Sea Ice Action Team. There will be no need to submit a 2nd request to the SIAT.

Virtual Participation

Webcasting instructions will be sent to the participants who have been invited to join the meeting virtually. If you plan to attend, please let Brit know the days/times you will be available. Please note that we will not be providing a virtual participation option for the Sea Ice Action Team workshop September 25 & 26.

Participant List

Participant List (PDF - 261 KB)