Empowering Arctic Indigenous Scholars And Making Connections - 2019 Application Form

Application Requirements

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Arctic Indigenous Scholar! For the purposes of this opportunity, an Indigenous scholar is defined as a person who is an expert within their own knowledge system. No formal education is required. Candidates should be Indigenous persons with U.S. citizenship. Supplemental information, such as a resume and/or bio, may be uploaded at the end of the application as a single document, if desired.

Application Instructions

Your answers to questions 1 and 2 are required to be considered for this opportunity. There is no minimum or maximum length for your answer. Questions 3-5 are optional and have been included to provide space for you to discuss your topic(s) of interest in more detail, if desired.

Answers provided in other formats, such as an audio recording, can also be accommodated. Answers written in your Native language are welcomed, but we ask you to please provide an English translation for our multi-lingual selection committee. Please contact Lisa Sheffield Guy at lisa [at] arcus.org or 907-474-1600, to make arrangements for alternate formats or for any questions.

Applications are due by 5:00 PM AKST on Monday, 10 January 2019

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