Newsletter Available: PolarPredictNews #15

31 July 2020

Newsletter Available
PolarPredictNews #15

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The summer 2020 issue of PolarPredictNews, the newsletter for the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP), is now available. This issue includes updates and news from the polar prediction community, and the watercolor drawings by sea-ice scientist Amy Macfarlane

For the 15th issue of PolarPredictNews, the YOPP Coordination Office has done some research about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the polar prediction community so far, what is expected for the coming polar field seasons, and how the German Weather Service took immediate action to compensate for the loss of airborne observations caused by the reduced commercial air traffic that came with the pandemic.

This issue includes:

  • Fostering Creativity for Networking and Exchange:
    • The pandemic may introduce new habits and foster creativity among the science community;
    • New options of how to organize meetings to provide networking and exchange
  • Contributions from the Community:
    • Benefits of a new multi-layer snow scheme that is being implemented into the ECMWF weather forecast and scheduled to become operational within the next upgrade;
    • A recent study on seamless sea-ice prediction;
    • Two more YOPP Special Issues are now available, one on the progress being made in Antarctic meteorology and climate, and another one on the societal value of improved forecasting;
    • Two new contributions to Polar Prediction Matters; and
  • An interview with the German meteorologist and Principal Investigator of the YOPP-endorsed project DACAPO-PESO;
  • YOPP Endorsement: YOPP Endorsement is still available for projects, initiatives, and institutions and will be until the end of 2021; and
  • The PolarPredictNews #15 Art-and-Science Project: watercolor cartoons drawn by sea-ice scientist Amy Macfarlane during MOSAiC leg 3.

To read or download the newsletter, go to: