Two Calls for AGU Abstracts: Extratropical & High-latitude Storms/Teleconnections/Extreme Events, and Science to Action

18 July 2019

Two Calls for AGU Fall Meeting Session Abstracts
American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
9-13 December 2019
San Francisco, California

Abstract submission deadline: 31 July 2019

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The American Geophysical Union (AGU) is currently accepting abstract submissions for the 2019 Fall Meeting. The meeting will be held 9-13 December 2019 in San Francisco, California.

Conveners of the following two sessions invite abstract submissions:

SESSION A066: Extratropical and High-latitude Storms, Teleconnections, Extreme Events, and the Rapidly Changing Polar Climate
Conveners: Xiangdong Zhang, Kent Moore, and James E. Overland

Synoptic storms and large-scale teleconnections are prominent dynamic drivers for daily-to-decadal climate variability in the extratropics and high-latitudes and can interplay with external forcings to contribute to long-term climate change. Storms often bring extreme events, including heavy rainfall or snowfall, high winds, large ocean waves and surges, coastal flooding and erosion, abrupt temperature increases, and rapid sea ice loss. Teleconnections link polar and lower latitude climate and play modulating roles in storm activities. Storms and teleconnections have demonstrated systematic changes, leading to alterations of feedback processes and contributing to anomalous variability and changes of climate. This session provides a venue to present progress on extratropical and high-latitude storm activities, teleconnections between extratropics/tropics and the polar regions, resulting extreme events, and underlying physical processes (e.g. stratosphere-troposphere coupling, Rossby wave and jet stream dynamics, wave-mean flow interactions), along with the rapidly changing polar climate, as well as associated ecosystem- and societal impacts.

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Xiangdong Zhang
Email: xzhang9 [at]
Phone: 336-850-0566

Kent Moore
Email: gwk.moore [at]

James Overland
Email: james.e.overland [at]

SESSION PA052: Science to Action: Having Social Impact Amid Institutional Barriers
Conveners: Daniel B. Ferguson, Julie A. Vano, and David H. Behar

Much environmental research will never have the social impact that it could because it is carried out in institutions that are bound to traditional approaches misaligned with current needs and developed without active engagement with decision makers. Connecting environmental science to environmental problems is more than good science communication or writing a “broader impacts” statement, yet these are too often approaches put forward as pathways to bring science out of the lab and into the real world. This session will highlight environmental change research having demonstrable impact in the world despite institutional barriers. If you collaborate on sea level rise projections with a coastal city, work in a climate services organization that supports municipal infrastructure planning, model disease vector spread related to warming climate with a health department, or do other science that is both socially and scientifically impactful, join us to share how these barriers can be overcome.

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Dan Ferguson
Email: dferg [at]