Registration Available: Arctic Data Science Training Workshop

10 July 2019

Registration Available
Arctic Data Science Training Workshop
Arctic Data Center
7-11 October 2019
Santa Barbara, California

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Jeanette Clark
Email: jclark [at]

The Arctic Data Center invites registration for their Arctic data science training workshop. This workshop will convene 7-11 October 2019 in Santa Barbara, California.

The Arctic Data Center provides training in data science and data management, as these are critical skills for the stewardship of the data, software, and other research products that are preserved in the Arctic Data Center. A goal of the Arctic Data Center is to advance data archiving and promote reproducible science and data reuse.

This five-day workshop will provide researchers with an overview of best data management practices, data science tools, and concrete steps and methods for more easily documenting and uploading their data to the Arctic Data Center.

Workshop topics will include:

  • Arctic Data Center and National Science Foundation standards and policies,
  • Data management plans,
  • Effective data management for data preservation,
  • Publishing data at the Arctic Data Center,
  • Data and metadata quality, and
  • Provenance for data and software.

For more information and to register, go to:

For questions, contact:
Jeanette Clark
Email: jclark [at]