NSF Call for Proposals - Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems

8 February 2017

Call for Proposals
Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems
National Science Foundation

Program Solicitation: NSF 17-530

Submission deadline: 6 March 2017

For questions, contact NSF at:

The National Science Foundation (NSF) announces a call for proposals for
their Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems
(INFEWS) initiative.

The overarching goal of INFEWS is to catalyze well-integrated
interdisciplinary and convergent research to transform scientific
understanding of the Food, Energy, and Water (FEW) nexus, integrating
all three components rather than addressing them separately, in order to
improve system function and management, address system stress, increase
resilience, and ensure sustainability.

The NSF-wide INFEWS initiative is designed specifically to attain the
following goals:

- Significantly advance our understanding of the food-energy-water
system through quantitative, predictive and computational modeling,
including support for relevant cyberinfrastructure;
- Develop real-time, cyber-enabled interfaces that improve understanding
of the behavior of FEW systems and increase decision support capability;
- Enable research that will lead to innovative solutions to critical FEW
systems problems; and
- Grow the scientific workforce capable of studying and managing the FEW
system, through education and other professional development

This initiative allows the partner agencies, including the National
Science Foundation (NSF), the United States Department of Agriculture
National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA/NIFA), and others, to
combine resources to identify and fund the highest-impact projects that
support their respective missions, while eliminating duplication of
effort and fostering collaboration between agencies and the
investigators they support.

The NSF and USDA/NIFA are interested in promoting international
cooperation that links scientists and engineers from a range of
disciplines and organizations to solve the significant global challenges
at the nexus of FEW systems. Proposals including international
collaboration are encouraged when those efforts enhance the merit of the
proposed work by incorporating unique resources, expertise, facilities
or sites of international partners. The U.S. team's international
counterparts generally should have support or obtain funding through
non-NSF sources.

Program Solicitation: NSF 17-530.

Full proposal submission deadline: 6 March 2017.

For the complete solicitation description, go to:

For questions regarding proposal submissions, contact NSF at:

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