Multiple Publications Available

3 June 2014

Multiple Publications Available

1. The Towline, Spring 2014
North Slope Borough Department of Wildlife Management

2. June 2014 Issue of the Journal ARCTIC
Volume 67, Number 2
Arctic Institute of North America (AINA)

1. The Towline, Spring 2014
North Slope Borough Department of Wildlife Management

The Spring 2014 newsletter of the North Slope Borough Department of
Wildlife Management is now available online. To view the most recent
edition of 'The Towline,' please click on the Spring 2014 link at:

The newsletter provides information on current studies, research, and
other happenings within the North Slope Borough Department of Wildlife
Management. The purpose is to keep the public informed and to provide
contact information for subsistence hunters and concerned residents of
the North Slope.

For further information on the organization, please go to:

To view the newsletter, please click on the Spring 2014 link at:

2. June 2014 Issue of the Journal ARCTIC
Volume 67, Number 2
Arctic Institute of North America (AINA)

The Arctic Institute of North America (AINA) announces publication of
the June 2014 issue of the journal ARCTIC, Volume 67, Number 2. A
non-profit membership organization and multidisciplinary research
institute of the University of Calgary, AINA's mandate is to advance the
study of the North American and circumpolar Arctic through the natural
and social sciences as well as the arts and humanities; and to acquire,
preserve, and disseminate information on physical, environmental, and
social conditions in the North. Created as a binational corporation in
1945, the Institute's United States Corporation is housed at the
University of Alaska Fairbanks.

The contents of the June issue are now available online, at:
Articles are currently accessible by AINA online subscribers, and will
be open access in one year. All readers have immediate access to the
Arctic Profile, book reviews, and the InfoNorth section.

The following papers appear in the June 2014 issue of ARCTIC:

- Prehistoric Neoeskimo Komatiks, Victoria Island, Arctic Canada
By: James M. Savelle and Arthur S. Dyke

- Linking Wolf Diet to Changes in Marine and Terrestrial Prey
By: Diana J.R. Lafferty, Jerrold L. Belant, Kevin S. White, Jamie N.
Womble and Anita T. Morzillo

- Overwintering Locations, Migrations, and Fidelity of Radio-Tagged
Dolly Varden in the Hulahula River, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,
By: Randy J. Brown, Mary Beth Loewen and Theresa L. Tanner

- Ultraviolet Vision May Enhance the Ability of Reindeer to
Discriminate Plants in Snow
By: N.J.C. Tyler, G. Jeffery, C.R. Hogg and K.-A. Stokkan

- Double Brooding by the Northern Wheatear on Baffin Island
By: David J.T. Hussell, Franz Bairlein and Erica H. Dunn

- Past and Present Winter Feeding of Reindeer in Finland: Herders'
Adaptive Learning of Feeding Practices
By: Minna Turunen and Terhi Vuojala-Magga

- Aggression and Coexistence in Female Caribou"
By: Floyd W. Weckerly and Mark A. Ricca

- Shifts in Fox Den Occupancy in the Greater Prudhoe Bay Area, Alaska
By: Alice A. Stickney, Tim Obritschkewitsch and Robert M. Burgess

- Ringed, Bearded, and Ribbon Seal Vocalizations North of Barrow,
Alaska: Seasonal Presence and Relationship with Sea Ice
By: Joshua M. Jones, Bruce J. Thayre, Ethan H. Roth, Michael
Mahoney, Ian Sia, Kayla Merculief, Christine Jackson, Clarissa
Zeller, Mamie Claire, Austin Bacon, Samantha Weaver, Zoe Gentes,
Robert J. Small, Ian Stirling, Sean M. Wiggins and John Hildebrand

- Exploring Pre-Colonial Resource Control of Individual Sami
By: Gudrun Norstedt, Anna-Lena Axelsson and Lars Ostlund

- Winter Flows in the Mackenzie Drainage System
By: Ming-Ko Woo and Robin Thorne

The June 2014 issue also contains four book reviews and an Arctic
Profile of Frederick W. Waugh (1872-1924), by Barnett Richling.
Christopher Burn prepared an interesting historical overview of the
Arctic Circle club in Ottawa. The online version of the essay is
accompanied by a supplementary file with two tables.

For information on becoming an AINA member and receiving the journal,
please visit the Institute's website at:
Members have the options of receiving ARCTIC in print, online, or both
in print and online.

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