Multiple Meeting Announcements

2 June 2014

Multiple Meeting Announcements

1. Conference Announcement
7th International Conference on Arctic Margins
2-5 June 2015
St. Petersburg, Russia

2. Final Call for Papers
13th International Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium
8-12 September 2014
Reykjavik, Iceland

3. Registration Open and Call for Abstracts
2nd Arctic in Rapid Transition Science Workshop
21-24 October 2014
Plouzane, France

1. Conference Announcement
7th International Conference on Arctic Margins
2-5 June 2015
St. Petersburg, Russia

Conference organizers announce that the 7th International Conference on
Arctic Margins (ICAM VII) will be held 2-5 June 2015. The venue for this
meeting will be the A.P. Karpinsky All-Russian Geological Research
Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The preliminary outline of the scientific themes for ICAM VII is as
- New data on seafloor geology and deep structure of the Arctic
basin and their implementation in international projects (with
sub-session on planned field activities)
- Structural connections between the Circum-Arctic mainland and the
Central Arctic offshore
- Seismic stratigraphy and environmental history of sedimentary
- Large igneous provinces and their geodynamic significance
- Plate reconstructions and lithosphere evolution of the Arctic
- Glacial events and their geological consequences (with sub-session
on origin of bottom sediments)

The local organizing committee for the conference consists of V.
Kolesnikov, S. Shokalsky, S. Kashubin, N. Kuba (VSEGEI), G. Grikurov, M.
Kosko, and D. Kaminsky (VNIIOkeangeologia). A single email address
common for all local organizers will be created and announced
separately. Additionally, links for online registration and abstract
submission will be distributed when available; deadlines are anticipated
for sometime in the early spring of 2015.

The local organizing/program committee will work under guidance of
Andrey Morozov (ROSNEDRA), Oleg Petrov (VSEGEI), Valery Kaminsky
(VNIIOkeangeologia), Sergey Sokolov (RAS) and in contact with
representatives from other relevant Russian agencies and institutions,
as well as dedicated Arctic explorers in others countries. Harald Brekke
(NPD), Victoria Pease (Stockholm University), Elizabeth Miller (Stanford
University), Carmen Gaina (University of Oslo), Alexander Minakov
(University of Oslo), Wilfried Jokat (AWI), Ruediger Stein (AWI), Thomas
Funck (GEUS), Christian Marcussen (GEUS), Bernard Coakley (UAF), James
Clough (Alaska DGGS), have already confirmed their planned participation
and willingness to cooperate in refining the scientific program,
evaluating the abstracts, and suggesting and/or delivering invited talks.

Organizers welcome suggestions relevant to the scientific program and/or
organizational issues. Until activation and announcement of the
organizing committee email address, all questions or suggestions can be
addressed to:
Garrik Grikurov

2. Final Call for Papers
13th International Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium
8-12 September 2014
Reykjavik, Iceland

The biannual Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium (CRSS) will be holding
its 13th international conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, hosted by the
Icelandic Organizing Committee. It will be held 8-12 September 2014.

The theme of the 13th CRSS symposium is polar regions in transformation;
climatic change and anthropogenic pressures. This symposium is unique in
that it deals specifically with remote sensing applications in Arctic
and Antarctic environments. The event provides an international forum
for the exchange of current applied research in remote sensing and
associated GIS applications for land and resource management,
environmental monitoring, mineral exploration, and other areas of
scientific investigation. It is an excellent venue to promote and
exchange ideas for remote sensing in an environment that is often
difficult to access and hard to monitor because of its extreme
environmental and climatic conditions. The Arctic in particular is
becoming more important to the nations of the world.

Abstracts are required for both oral and poster presentations. All
abstracts, presentations, and posters will be given in English.
Presentation topics may include remote sensing of the Arctic, sub-Arctic
and Antarctic regions in the following subjects:

- Environmental monitoring
- Wildlife management and habitat protection
- Arctic vegetation
- Land and water management
- Land cover and land use change
- Data Integration and Data Modeling
- Geographic Information System and Web based portals
- Boreal processes that have direct influence on Arctic processes
- Snow and ice, glaciers
- Climatology
- Oceanography
- Geology, mineral, and oil and gas exploration
- LiDAR/Radar Imaging
- Hyperspectral remote sensing
- Ground, Airborne, and Satellite imaging (including UAS)
- Archaeology

Interested contributors should submit the presentation title; lead
author name, affiliation, and email address; name and affiliation of
co-authors; the presentation type (oral or poster); and an abstract of
not more than 500 words. Submissions must be sent via email to Carl
Markon ( as a Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, or plain text
document. Authors will be notified of acceptance of their contributions
no later than 15 June 2014. If earlier confirmation is required to meet
travel approval requirements, please contact Carl Markon
( and provide, at a minimum, a draft of the abstract.

Abstract submission deadline: 15 June 2014.

Additional information on abstracts and presentations is available at:

For further information on the conference, please go to:

For questions or to submit an abstract, please contact:
Carl Markon

3. Registration Open and Call for Abstracts
2nd Arctic in Rapid Transition Science Workshop
21-24 October 2014
Plouzane, France

Conference organizers for the 2nd Arctic in Rapid Transition (ART)
Science Workshop announce that registration and abstract submission is
available. The meeting will be convened 21-24 October 2014 in Brest,
France. This year's conference is entitled "Integrating Spatial and
Temporal Scales in the Changing Arctic System: Towards Future Research

This international workshop aims at discussing the integration of
spatial and temporal scales to better understand the changing Arctic
system as a whole, by including various Arctic research fields such as
physical oceanography, sea-ice, biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems
functioning, marine biodiversity, land-ocean interactions,
ocean-atmosphere exchanges and ocean acidification, paleo-reconstruction
and biological archives, and social sciences. Results of this workshop
feed into the larger ICARP III (3rd International Conference on Arctic
Research Planning) meeting in Toyama, Japan in April 2015

Limited funding will be available for early career scientists. Abstract
submission and registration are now open. The amount of space is
limited, and conference organizers request that those interested
register and submit an abstract as soon as possible, via the webform
link available at:

For further information about the workshop, please go to:

For questions, please email:

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