Call for Proposals - INTERACT Transnational Access

10 April 2014

Call for Proposals
INTERACT Transnational Access
2014 Season, Two U.S. Sites

Proposal submission deadline: Wednesday, 30 April 2014

For further information, please go to:

The U.S. partners in INTERACT (International Network for Terrestrial
Research and Monitoring in the Arctic) announce a call for proposals for
European-based research groups to conduct research at two Alaskan field
stations: the Toolik Field Station and the Barrow Environmental
Observatory. Access is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation

The support includes access to station facilities and support for travel
and freight costs. The research should be conducted in 2014; both
stations are open all year round. Eligibility is open to research groups
where the group leader and majority of the group members are from EU
Member State or Associated State, or from the Russian Federation.

To apply, the group leader must email a research plan and CV to INTERACT
Transnational Access Coordinator Hannele Savela
( Instructions for the research plan can be
found on the call webpages. Evaluation of the proposals will be
conducted by the INTERACT Transnational Access Board in consultation
with the field stations. The evaluation will be based on scientific
merit, feasibility and appropriateness. Applicants will be notified
about the grant decisions by 3 June 2014.

Toolik Field Station
In 2014, 30 person-days of access are available for research to be
conducted at the Toolik Field Station. The support includes use of the
station facilities, accommodation, and up to $9,000 for travel and
freight costs related to the visit. The station is located 210 km south
of Deadhorse and 600 km north of Fairbanks in Arctic Alaska. The field
station is situated north of Gates of the Arctic National Park; the
location allows scientists to access the Brooks Range, the Arctic
foothills and the Alaskan Arctic coastal plain. Current research at the
station includes the structure and function of terrestrial and aquatic
ecosystems, the effects of climate change in the region, the feedbacks
to global climate change through gas and hydrological fluxes,
adaptations of plants and animals to the Arctic, and population-level
changes in phenologies and distributions.

Barrow Environmental Observatory
In 2014, 30 person-days of access are available for qualified applicants
to conduct research on or near the Barrow Environmental Observatory. The
support includes use of the station facilities, accommodation, and up to
$9,000 for travel and freight costs related to the visit. Barrow is
located at the northern tip of Alaska (USA) on the Arctic Coastal Plain
on the coast of Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. The adjacent Barrow
Environmental Observatory comprises tundra, lakes, and wetlands reserved
for scientific research including long-term environmental monitoring and
habitat manipulation experiments. The extensive research history in the
area and current research activities include foci on climate and
atmospheric chemistry, ecosystem dynamics, plant/animal interactions and
phenology studies, various experimental studies, coastal erosion and
land-ocean connections.

Proposal submission deadline: Wednesday, 30 April 2014.

You can find the application instructions and detailed descriptions of
the stations and their facilities at:

For questions regarding Toolik Field Station, contact:
Syndonia Bret-Harte

For questions regarding the Barrow Environmental Observatory, contact:
Craig Tweedie

For general questions regarding the INTERACT Transnational Access
program, contact:
Hannele Savela

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