Multiple Positions Available

9 April 2014

Multiple Positions Available

1. Tromso University seeks Postdoctoral Fellow
Plant Ecology
Tromso, Norway

2. LDEO at Columbia University seeks Research Professors
Earth Sciences
Palisades, New York

3. University of Colorado seeks Instructor
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Boulder, Colorado

1. Tromso University seeks Postdoctoral Fellow
Plant Ecology
Tromso, Norway

The Faculty of Biosciences, Fishery, and Economics at Tromso University
seeks a postdoctoral research fellow in plant ecology. The position is
attached to Department of Arctic and Marine Biology(AMB) and the
research group of Northern populations and ecosystems, and will be based
in Tromso, Norway.

The position of Postdoctoral Research Fellow is a fixed term position
for a period of three years, expected to start in June 2014. It is
financed by the Norwegian Research Council, for a project entitled "The
effect of snow depth and snow melt timing on arctic terrestrial
ecosystems." The successful applicant will investigate the role of snow
cover on plant growth in the Arctic using a combination of field
measurements and remote sensing.

The project aims to reveal the relationship between spring snow melt
timing and plant growth in High Arctic Spitsbergen, Svalbard, using a
combination of landscape and plot level scales. The relationship between
vegetation indices (e.g. NDVI), temperature sums and length of growing
season, plant phenology and biomass will be studied for a range of
species in the tundra ecosystem. The role of snow depth in modifying
soil and plant nutrient status will also be explored. Remote sensing
techniques will be applied at different spatial scales, recording plant
phenology and vegetation development over time. Plant phenology at plot
level will be monitored using mounted digital cameras, and plant
community development will be monitored during the growing season using
mounted Near-Infrared cameras. At landscape level satellite remote
sensing data (LANDSAT 8 and/or MODIS) will be acquired; images from the
mounted cameras and satellites will be gathered daily throughout the
growing season. Time serial studies of the digital images will be
analyzed based on ground truth field data.

Candidates must have a PhD in plant ecology. Some background knowledge
of earth sciences / geography and experience with remote sensing and
landscape approach to ecological issues is an advantage. An
understanding of Arctic plant ecology and climatic change, together with
the ability to plan and carry out fieldwork under harsh conditions,
should be demonstrated. Candidates should have good communication skills
and a strong publication record. Applicants must have a good command of
English and be willing to learn Norwegian within a reasonable period of

Application deadline: 22 April 2014

For the full position description or to apply, please search for 101386

For questions, please contact:
Elisabeth Cooper
Phone:+47 77645224

Lennart Nilsen
Phone: +47 77646314

2. LDEO at Columbia University seeks Research Professors
Earth Sciences
Palisades, New York

The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) of Columbia University
anticipates appointing one or more Research Professors in the Earth
sciences in the coming academic year. The rank of the appointment(s) is
open and dependent on experience.

Lamont Research Professors receive nine-month appointments with partial
salary support provided from institutional sources. An incentive program
encourages the establishment of a vigorous externally funded research
program to provide the majority of salary support, including an
opportunity for summer salary. Applicants for Associate and Full
Research Professor ranks should have established records of innovative
research of high impact in one or more areas of Earth science through
publications in peer-reviewed journals, and should have demonstrated
success at raising external support for their research programs.
Applicants for the rank of Assistant Research Professor should have
demonstrated potential for significant research contributions by having
published in peer-reviewed journals and potential for supporting their
research programs with external funding. Candidates with strong
secondary interests in science education and outreach are also
encouraged to apply. LDEO is particularly interested in applicants with
research expertise in the following areas:

- Climate and paleoclimate studies, including coupled climate,
ocean, and terrestrial ecosystems
- Cryospheric studies, including atmosphere-ocean-cryosphere
interactions, polar climate change, and ice sheet behavior
- Dynamics of hydrometeorological systems, particularly extreme
events and their impacts
- Dynamics and kinematics of the solid Earth, with a focus on
earthquakes, faulting, and volcanoes
- Real-time observational geoscience, with an emphasis on
fundamental processes

Eligibility requirements include a PhD in Earth and environmental
sciences or a related field, evidence of ongoing externally funded
research programs or potential for supporting research programs with
external funding, and at least 2-3 years of relevant research

To ensure consideration, apply by: Thursday, 1 May 2014.

For further information or to apply, please go to:

For questions, please contact:
Office of the Director
Phone: 845-365-8546

3. University of Colorado seeks Instructor
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Boulder, Colorado

The Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (ATOC) at the
University of Colorado-Boulder invites applications for a part-time
instructor in atmospheric and oceanic science.

The individual should have a strong commitment to undergraduate
education. The successful applicant will teach either "Weather and the
Atmosphere" or "Our Changing Environment" each semester. Each course
typically has enrollments of 200 to 300 students per semester. This
position will also lead the university's undergraduate learning
assistant program, which utilizes exceptional undergraduate students to
facilitate interactive conceptual learning in the aforementioned courses.

The position will be filled at the instructor level. A PhD in
atmospheric or oceanic sciences or a related field is required at the
time of appointment. University-level teaching experience is preferred.
More information more about ATOC and the courses offered by the
department is available at:

Review of applications begins: Tuesday, 15 April 2014.

For the full position description or to apply, please search for F01241

For questions, please contact search committee chair:
John Cassano

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