Funding for Long-term Observing Management and Governance Discussions

12 November 2013

Funding for Long-term Observing Management and Governance Discussions
National Science Foundation
Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S.

Submissions accepted thru: 1 June 2014

For questions about the submission process, please contact:
Reija Shnoro

For questions about the AON topics or ArcticHub, please contact:
Erica Key

The Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS) is soliciting online
proposals at:
for funding support to enable discussions related to long-term observing
management and governance. Supported discussions will provide feedback
and interchange relevant to the development of best practices in
long-term observing, vetting of lessons learned from other long-term
observing activities, and the formation of a common vocabulary for
interdisciplinary and integrated observing. Funding for these
discussions is being provided through a cooperative agreement to ARCUS
from the National Science Foundation's Arctic Observing Network Program.
Submissions will be accepted from US proposers for telecommunications
assistance, meeting room rental, and professional facilitation to lead
discussions related to one or more of 35 questions concerning the
review, management, communication, and connectivity of long-term

A list of the questions for discussion is available on the ARCUS
submission site as well as on the ArcticHub (
under the Long-Term Observing Management discussion group. An
accompanying webinar, which introduces the motivation and discussion
process is also available on the ArcticHub. The questions are not
latitude or discipline-specific, and proposal submissions are encouraged
from a wide cross section of practitioners, industry specialists,
managers, coordinators, engineers, and information scientists involved
with or interested in natural, social, and economic long-term observing.

Proposers are encouraged to leverage attendance at planned meetings or
use virtual methods to lead discussions. A maximum of three questions
is recommended per discussion. No more than three assistance awards
will be made to a single proposer. Participant travel will not be
covered through these grants, except to support the participation of a
facilitator. Suggestions for professional facilitators with knowledge
of the federal system can be provided on request to The
recommended cap for a single request is not to exceed $2,000 USD;
though, higher funding requests may be considered on a case-by-case
basis. An event budget and vendor support quote should accompany the
online application. Proposals will be accepted on a continuous basis
until June 1, 2014. Questions about these documents, the proposal
process, and the template should be directed to
Funding decisions will be communicated within 4 weeks of receipt.

All discussion leads, whether supported through ARCUS or not, are
required to submit a completed template to ArcticHub at completion of
their discussion event that summarizes the discussion results. This
template will be made available on the ARCUS site as well as ArcticHub
by November 12, 2013. If discussing multiple questions, a template must
be completed for each question. These documents will be public and will
detail the participants, questions discussed, new questions that were
raised, and recommendations. The documents will be sorted by thematic
area and question to allow discussion threads to continue post-event.

Interested persons are recommended to register with the ArcticHub, an
online collaborative workspace for those interested in observing and
observing networks. Several tools are available to help develop your
submission to ARCUS, including the ability to join or create discussion
groups related to these management and governance questions.

For questions regarding the submission process, please contact Reija
Shnoro at For questions about the AON topics under
discussion or ArcticHub, please contact Erica Key at

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