Arctic Community Meeting Room Available - AGU Fall Meeting

6 November 2013

Arctic Community Meeting Room Available
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting
8-13 December 2013
San Francisco Marriott Marquis, Pacific Rooms J and I
San Francisco, California

For further information, please go to:

Or contact:
Kristina Creek, ARCUS

The Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS) is pleased to
announce the availability of community meeting space at the fall
meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), to be held 8-13
December 2013 in San Francisco, California.

The Arctic Community Meeting Room is hosted by ARCUS to encourage
scientific collaboration, educational networking, and face-to-face
meetings. Providing meeting space such as this is one aspect of the
services ARCUS offers to the Arctic science community for the
advancement of Arctic research and education. Scheduling priority will
be given to groups related to NSF-funded programs.

Meeting space is available in two-hour blocks for groups working on
Arctic research and science education planning activities. There will be
two meeting rooms available this year, on the fourth floor of the San
Francisco Marriott Marquis, Pacific Rooms J and I. The Marriott is
located at 780 Mission Street, one block from the AGU sessions at the
Moscone Center West.

Pacific Room J will have an LCD projector, microphones and sound system,
Internet, printer, and speakerphone available. Pacific Room I will have
a projector and speakerphone but no other A/V capabilities. For a fee,
the hotel will provide food and beverages in either room.

Links to the schedules and remaining availability can be found at:

For further information or to schedule a meeting, please contact:
Kristina Creek, ARCUS

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