Multiple Positions Available

28 June 2013

Multiple Positions Available

1. Wilderness Society seeks Wildlife Ecologist
Arctic Wild-lands
Anchorage, Alaska

2. ArcTrain seeks 12 PhD Candidates
Interdisciplinary Climate Change
Bremen and Bremerhaven, Germany and
Consortium of Canadian Universities

3. UCSB seeks Research Associate
Arctic Limnology
Santa Barbara, California

4. University of Liege seeks Postdoctoral Candidate
Ocean Acoustics
Liege, Belgium

1. Wilderness Society seeks Wildlife Ecologist
Arctic Wild-lands
Anchorage, Alaska

The Ecology and Economics Research Team of the Wilderness Society seeks
a wildlife ecologist in the field of arctic wild-lands. The position is
funded for two years with potential for extension and is located in
Anchorage, Alaska.

The successful candidate will develop analytical methods and research
products to expand the organization's understanding of changes to,
impacts on, and conservation needs of arctic wildlife and wild-lands.
Responsibilities of this position include:

- Working within a network of scientists to develop wildlife
resource selection, population viability, disturbance and climate
change impact models for arctic Alaska;
- Building, maintaining, and sharing spatial databases with
collaborators and partners; and
- Interpreting and presenting analytical results in written and oral
form to collaborators and external groups including scientists, land
managers, elected officials, and other audiences.

Candidates should be proficient with simulation modeling and software
used to describe population or landscape dynamics and statistical
analyses including R and ArcGIS.

Applications, including a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and the names
and contact information for three references should be submitted as a
PDF file to:

Review of applications will begin on 24 June 2013.

For further information and online application instructions, select
"Wildlife Ecologist" at:

For questions, contact:
Wendy Loya

2. ArcTrain seeks 12 PhD Candidates
Interdisciplinary Climate Change
Bremen and Bremerhaven, Germany and
Consortium of Canadian Universities

The International Research Training Group ArcTrain seeks candidates for
12 PhD positions in an interdisciplinary climate change program
conducted in collaboration between the University of Bremen, the Alfred
Wegener Institute, and a consortium of eight Canadian universities led
by the University of Quebec at Montreal. All positions are for a fixed
term of three years. The earliest starting date is 1 September 2013.

Successful candidates will work on various processes and impacts of
climate change in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Canadian Arctic
focusing on the scientific objective of advancing understanding of
variability and feedbacks in arctic oceanic and cryospheric processes
across time scale using an interdisciplinary framework of marine
geosciences, oceanography, environmental physics, and climatology.

The program includes research residences at partner institutions in
Canada, field and ship-based courses, annual meetings, and structured
training workshops.

PhD positions are offered in the fields of:

- Climatological time series of arctic multiyear ice;
- Sea ice modeling and data assimilation;
- Variability of arctic sea ice, meltwater discharge and primary
- North Atlantic variability in climate models;
- Exchange between western and eastern subpolar North Atlantic;
- Internal wave - flow interaction in the western boundary current;
- Large-scale analysis of oceanic horizontal mixing hot spots;
- Svalbard glaciers and oceanic heat advection through the Holocene;
- Environmental processes in the Baffin Bay since the last ice age;
- Habitat modeling of planktonic foraminifera;
- Sensitivity of open-ocean convection to ice-sheet melting; and
- Tracing meltwater plumes using radiogenic isotopes.

Detailed project descriptions are available via hyperlinks on the
ArcTrain website:

Application deadline: Sunday, 7 July 2013.

For further information and complete application instructions, go to:

For questions, contact:
Michal Kucera

3. UCSB seeks Research Associate
Arctic Limnology
Santa Barbara, California

The Marine Science Institute at the University of California, Santa
Barbara seeks a research associate in arctic limnology. This Staff
Research Associate III position is funded through 31 July 2016 with
possibility of extension and is located in Santa Barbara, California.

The successful candidate will perform physical limnological and
hydrochemical sampling, measurements, calculations, and analyses as a
component of a physical limnological study of arctic lakes. The project
goal is to understand how hydrodynamic processes moderated by climate
variability influence ecosystem function with emphasis to describe
thermal structure and circulation under the ice and to determine how
hydrodynamics moderates greenhouse gas emissions in spring and fall.
Studies are conducted in lakes on the North Slope of the Brooks Range in
Alaska at the Toolik Field Station.

The position is open until filled.

For the complete job description and online application instruction,
search job number 20130204 at:

4. University of Liege seeks Postdoctoral Candidate
Ocean Acoustics
Liege, Belgium

The University of Liege seeks Postdoctoral candidates for an ocean
acoustic program. The program duration is 24 months, starting in summer
or autumn of 2013, and is based in Liege, Belgium.

The successful candidate will participate in a research project which
aims to contribute to the sustainable development and noise reduction of
activities related to offshore wind parks in Europe. The objective of
the project is to develop and validate a sound propagation model for the
ocean capable of providing precise evaluation and quantification of the
noise level in the ocean generated by wind parks.

The postdoctoral researcher will be employed at the University of Liege
for the duration of the project. The researcher will be in charge of the
development, programming, and validation of the sound propagation model
in collaboration with the project partners.

The successful candidate will have a PhD in science or engineering,
experience in acoustics or in a related domain (i.e., wave propagation),
and expertise in mathematical modeling to simulate physical problems.

Applications, including a short letter of motivation and curriculum
vitae which includes complete reference of their peer-reviewed
scientific publications should be sent to C. Peelen
(, secretary of Jean-Marie Beckers.

The position in open until filled.

For further information and application instructions, go to:

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