Multiple Positions Available

6 June 2013

Multiple Positions Available

1. University of Manitoba seeks Field Technician
Heat and Greenhouse Gas Exchange
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2. Barents Institute seeks PhD Student
Arctic Urban Sustainable Development
Kirkenes, Norway

1. University of Manitoba seeks Field Technician
Heat and Greenhouse Gas Exchange
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) within the Faculty of
Environment, Earth, and Resources at the University of Manitoba seeks a
field technician to support multidisciplinary research on heat and
greenhouse gas exchange in the arctic and sub-arctic coastal zone. The
position is full time and based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Responsibilities in this position include technical support of research
conducted within CEOS. This support includes the development,
maintenance, and deployment of systems to monitor meteorological
elements, air-surface exchange of heat and gas, and associated waters in
marine and estuarine environments. The successful candidate is expected
to participate in arctic field programs.

The successful candidate will have a Masters degree in an appropriate
field such as climatology, oceanography, ecology, or physical geography
and a minimum of two years of related research experience. Equivalent
combinations of education and experience may be considered if
exceptional. The candidate should also have theoretical understanding of
and practical experience with systems for monitoring surface
meteorology. The candidate should have experience with measurement of
dissolved gasses in natural waters and the characterization of heat and
mass fluxes, computing skills, and experience managing large and diverse
data sets.

Application deadline: Friday 14 June 2013.

Further information and online application instructions are available on
the human resources website by selecting "Search for Jobs" under
Employment Links, then click Support/Managerial, and use search term
"CEOS." To see the human resources website, go to:

For questions contact:
Denise Whynot

2. Barents Institute seeks PhD Student
Arctic Urban Sustainable Development
Kirkenes, Norway

The University of Tromso, Barents Institute seeks a PhD student to do
research with the Arctic Urban Sustainability (ARCSUS) group. The
appointment is for a period of four years and is based in Kirkenes,

The ARCSUS research project focuses on Russia and the successful
applicant is expected to engage in comparative research and analysis of
urban sustainability in the circumpolar north. The research will involve
fieldwork in two or more of the circumpolar regions that ARCSUS aims to
explore. After the first year the successful candidate will participate
actively in networking activities of the ARCSUS project presenting
papers at internal conferences and at external international meetings.
This may include assistance with organization and administration of the
internal meetings. The successful applicant will also be responsible for
course preparation and possibly teaching under the Joint Master's Degree
on Northern Governance and Innovation that The Barents Institute is in
the process of creating with the University of Saskatchewan (Canada),
and the Sami Centre at the University of Tromso.

An application for this position should include a ten-page (3500-4000
words) project description, in English, outlining the academic basis of
the PhD project based on the ARCSUS project. The applicant's project
description should demonstrate knowledge of he research field and the
theoretical and methodological approaches to the research question. The
applicant should include a budget for fieldwork expenses over the
duration of the project. The research question and project description
should fit into one or more of the work packages outlined in the ARCSUS

Application deadline: Friday, 21 June 2013.

For Further information Search "ARCSUS project" on the University of
Tromso website:

Or contact:
Aileen Espiritu

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