Multiple Calls for Contributions

25 October 2012

Multiple Calls for Contributions

1. REMINDER: Open Access Opportunity for Polar Science
Polar Research & Earth System Science Data

2. Antarctica and Arctic Circle
A Geographic Encyclopedia of the Earth's Polar Regions

3. Arctic Review on Law and Politics
University of Tromso

4. Northern Notes Newsletter
International Arctic Social Sciences Association

1. REMINDER: Open Access Opportunity for Polar Science
Polar Research
Earth System Science Data

The open-access journals Polar Research (
and Earth System Science Data (
announce a unique cooperative Special Issue.

Researchers are invited to publish science papers in Polar Research and
the related dataset(s) in Earth System Science Data to provide
integrated free and open access for colleagues and readers. Each journal
will follow normal peer-review processes, and acceptance for publication
in one journal will not guarantee acceptance of the companion paper in
the other journal.

The deadline for submission is 31 January 2013, for an online Special
Issue that will be published in 2014. Both journals provide online
options and advanced indexing. Neither Polar Research nor Earth System
Science Data charge a publication or service fee.

Submission deadline: 31 January 2013.

For further information or to submit expressions of interest, contact:
Helle Goldman, Polar Research

Dave Carlson, Earth System Science Data

2. Antarctica and Arctic Circle
A Geographic Encyclopedia of the Earth's Polar Regions

Contributions are invited for a publication entitled "Antarctica and
Arctic Circle: A Geographic Encyclopedia of the Earth's Polar Regions."
This publication will be a two-volume encyclopedia, published by

The book will be comprised of 375 original entries relating to
Antarctica and the Arctic Circle, geared toward a target audience of
high school students. The range of possible topics is
extensive--important figures, findings, research, flora or fauna,
landmarks and locations, arctic river systems, research stations,
territorial disputes, Indigenous groups, major expeditions and
explorations, etc. Submissions on both historic and contemporary topics
are welcome.

Entry essays can vary in length between 500-2,500 words, with a number
of sidebars (around 200 words). Contributors' names will be noted in the
contributor list and associated with their article. All contributors
will receive two years of e-book and website access. Contributors whose
submissions total a word count of over 3,000 words will receive a
minimum of $300.

If you are interested in contributing, please send your full name,
title, institutional affiliation, mailing address, email, and 2-page
curriculum vitae to:
Andrew Hund

3. Arctic Review on Law and Politics
University of Tromso

The journal "Arctic Review on Law and Politics" announces a call for
submissions. It is established in Tromso, Norway, with an editorial
board comprised of a representative from each arctic country.

"Arctic Review on Law and Politics" is an academic journal that
publishes peer-reviewed articles in the fields of law and politics
related to the Arctic. It is published twice a year in Norway. For
purposes of the journal, 'law' and 'politics' are understood in a wide
sense. The journal also welcomes submissions in social sciences and
humanities, such as anthropology, sociology, human geography, and

Topics may include issues of law and politics in the Arctic in general,
and questions of resource management, Indigenous people's rights,
environmental law, climate change, fisheries, and the law of the sea in.

For more information, including editorial guidelines, please go to:

For questions, or to contribute a submission, please contact:
Oyvind Ravna

4. Northern Notes Newsletter
International Arctic Social Sciences Association

The International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA) invites
contributions for the next issue of the Northern Notes Newsletter, Issue
38, Fall/Winter 2012. Contributions are invited from both members and
non-members of the Association on issues of interest to arctic social
scientists. Contributions should be submitted no later than Thursday, 15
November 2012 to IASSA secretary Cher Mazo ( or president
Gail Fondahl (

Contributions to Northern Notes may include special feature articles,
information about new publications, event announcements, and
announcements of new websites and links of interest. IASSA invites
contributions for the following standard categories of the Northern
Notes newsletter:

FEATURES - Contributions on issues and research activities of
interest to the arctic social science community, including new
research, current and upcoming research activities, events, etc.


- Calls for Papers
- Conferences, Workshops, and Meetings
- Announcements
- New Publications
- On the Web
- News from Members
- Funding Opportunities

Please send the following details with your article or announcement:

- Name and affiliation of the author
- Photos, logos, etc., if applicable
- Book announcements: Complete title, publishing details,
distributor, and ISBN/ISSN number
- Film announcements: Distributor or link, all release details

Northern Notes is published on the web by the IASSA secretariat twice a
year with a Spring/Summer and a Fall/Winter issue, and is available to
all web users. To view past issues of Northern Notes please go to:

Submission deadline: Thursday, 15 November 2012.

For further information, please contact:
Cher Mazo

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