Multiple Positions Available

26 September 2012

Multiple Positions Available

1. Lamont-Doherty seeks Three Postdoctoral Research Scientists
Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Sea Ice Modeling
Palisades, New York

2. Iowa State University seeks PhD and MSc Candidates
Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
Ames, Iowa

3. Norwegian Polar Institute seeks Researcher
Arctic Marine Ecosystem Modeling
Tromso, Norway

1. Lamont-Doherty seeks Three Postdoctoral Research Scientists
Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Sea Ice Modeling
Palisades, New York

The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University seeks three
postdoctoral research scientists to work on a project using empirical
models to predict the ocean, atmosphere, and sea ice at sub-seasonal to
seasonal time scales. The positions are full-time, funded for three
years, and based in Palisades, New York.

The three postdoctoral positions are available as part of the
Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) project:
"Extended-Range Prediction with Low-Dimensional, Stochastic-Dynamic
Models: A Data-driven Approach" at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.
This project addresses the use of reduced-order empirical models for the
description, understanding, and prediction of atmospheric, oceanic, and
sea ice variability on time scales of one to twelve months and beyond.
Specific focus areas include: El Nino and the Southern Oscillation
(ENSO), the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO), tropical cyclones,
extra-tropical variability and storms, seasonal climate, weather
extremes, and sea ice.

The successful candidates will have experience in at least one of the
specific research areas and with statistical analysis of large data

The positions are open until filled.

Applications must include a statement of research, curriculum vitae, and
list of references. Additional application documents may include a cover
letter, research abstract, and personal statement.

For further information about these positions and application
instructions, please go to:

Or contact:
Xiaojun Yaun
Phone: 845-365-8820

2. Iowa State University seeks PhD and MSc Candidates
Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
Ames, Iowa

The Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences at Iowa State
University seeks PhD and Masters of Science (MSc) candidates to work on
a project using fossil diatom assemblages to reconstruct a long-term
record of sea ice in the Bering Sea. The positions may begin either in
spring or fall 2013, and are based in Ames, Iowa.

The successful candidates will be part of a team that is looking at
diatom taxonomy, assemblages, and morphology as well as sedimentology
and organic biogeochemistry. Students may focus on various aspects of
the project including calibrating diatom sediment assemblages with the
instrumental record of sea ice; observing sedimentation of diatoms
seasonally to determine seasonal succession in the Bering Sea and its
relationship to different types of sea ice; creating records of diatom
assemblage change during past warm periods, i.e., the Pliocene; and
characterizing the diatom and lithogenic components of laminated
sediments from the Bering Sea.

Results from this research will contribute to an understanding of how
sea ice responds to a warming climate as well as contribute to the
growing body of knowledge about how sea ice is recorded in marine

Preference will be given to highly motivated candidates with a Bachelor
of Science or Master of Science degree in geosciences, biology, or
environmental science that enjoy working at the microscope. A strong
interest in arctic climate change, microscopy (including transmitted
light and SEM), and GIS is required as is enthusiasm for traveling to
the Bering Sea for fieldwork.

For further information about this project, please see:

The positions are open until filled.

For further information, please contact Beth Caissie

3. Norwegian Polar Institute seeks Researcher
Arctic Marine Ecosystem-Modeling
Tromso, Norway

The Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) seeks an arctic marine
ecosystem-modeling researcher. The position is permanent and based in
Tromso, Norway.

The position will be part of a marine ecological group within the Centre
for Ice, Climate and Ecosystems (ICE) at NPI. The goal of the research
is to use modeling to improve understanding of the arctic marine
ecosystem as influenced by physical factors and processes in an era of
rapid climate change.

The successful applicant will participate in ongoing research of
ecosystem processes associated with arctic sea ice and oceanic systems
in Svalbard waters and the Arctic Ocean and contribute to development of
numerical ice-ocean-ecosystem model tools for this region. Other aspects
of ecosystem-modeling could include marine production, energy flow,
trophic levels, carbon flux, ocean acidification effects, and
bioaccumulation of contaminants in arctic marine food chains. The
modeling research will be an important contribution to implementation of
ecosystem-based management in the Arctic.

Applicants should have formal competence as a PhD, or equivalent, and
experience in ecosystem models, preferably as part of integrated 3D
numerical model systems. Good quantitative skills and competence in
statistics are also needed. Applicants should have experience in
ecological models or biological oceanography and be prepared to work
closely with researchers in ice physics and oceanography.

The successful candidate should be well connected within national and
international research networks; have a good publication record in
relevant international journals, including publications from modeling
work; and a capacity for retrieving research funding.

Application deadline: Monday, 15 October 2012.

Applications should include a letter of interest, curriculum vitae,
university transcripts, letters of reference, and the names of three
references. Applications should be submitted electronically via:

For further information, including a full job description and
instructions on how to apply, please go to:

Or contact:

Harald Steen
Phone: +47 7775 0531

Haakon Hop
Phone: +47 7775 0522

Nalan Koc
Phone: +47 7775 0654

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