Multiple Positions Available

19 September 2012

Multiple Positions Available

1. Georges Lemaitre Centre for Earth and Climate Research
Seeks Postdoctoral Fellow - Earth System Modeling
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

2. Alfred Wegner Institute seeks PhD Candidate
Remote Sensing and Permafrost Monitoring
Potsdam, Germany

1. Georges Lemaitre Centre for Earth and Climate Research
Seeks Postdoctoral Fellow - Earth System Modeling
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

The Georges Lemaitre Centre for Earth and Climate Research/Earth and
Life Institute of the Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) seeks a
postdoctoral fellow to participate in the Earth System Model Bias
Reduction and Assessing Abrupt Climate Change (EMBRACE) project. The
position is for one year starting the beginning of December 2012 and is
based in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

The goal of the EMBRACE project is to improve the ability to simulate
the Earth system and enable more reliable projections of future climate
in order to provide policy makers with more concrete evidence on which
to develop climate change adaptation and mitigation policies both at
regional and global scales.

The research will contribute to the implementation and validation of an
elasto-brittle sea ice rheology in version 3 of the Louvain-la-Neuve sea
ice model (LIM3) coupled to the Nucleous for European Modelling of the
Ocean (NEMO) modeling platform for oceanographic research, operational
oceanography, seasonal forecast, and climate studies. This work will be
done in collaboration with other European laboratories. Frequent travel
to those laboratories is expected. Candidates should have earned a PhD
in large-scale sea ice and/or ocean modeling. Expertise in sea ice
rheology will be a plus.

For further information about LIM3, please see:

For further information about NEMO, please see:

For further information about the Georges Lemaitre Centre for Earth and
Climate Research, please see:

Applications for this position should include a statement of research
experience, qualifications, and interests; a complete curriculum vitae
including a list of publications; and contact information for three
professional references. Please submit application materials via email
to Thierry Fichefet (

The position is open until filled. Applications will be reviewed upon

For further information about the EMBRACE project, please see:

Or contact:
Thierry Fichefet:
Phone: +32 10 473295
Fax: +32 10 474722

2. Alfred Wegner Institute seeks PhD Candidates
Remote Sensing and Permafrost Monitoring and Modeling
Potsdam, Germany

The Alfred Wegener Institute of Polar and Marine Research (AWI) seeks
PhD candidates for a position in remote sensing and permafrost
monitoring and modeling. The position is funded for three years and will
be based in Potsdam, Germany.

The PhD project will be conducted in the AWI Periglacial Research
section, which focuses on current and past environmental dynamics in
permafrost regions. In the scope of the planned project, subsurface
properties such as the ice content and the dynamics of the active layer
shall be investigated by measuring surface subsidence in a permafrost
landscape. The project will include weeklong field expeditions to
install ground-based multi-measurement fields in the central Lena River
Delta, Siberia. Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) interferometry will be
experimentally applied. A permafrost model will be developed in
collaboration between the AWI and the University Oslo. For further
information about this project, please see:

The successful candidate will have earned a master's degree in physics,
meteorology, geosciences, or similar discipline; fieldwork experience;
excellent teamwork capabilities in a multidisciplinary team; written and
spoken fluency in English; programming skill in C++ and Matlab; and
readiness for week-long expeditions. Experience in radar remote sensing
and geomatics/image processing are preferred.

Applications for this position should include a brief letter of
motivation, curriculum vitae, and two references. Applications should
reference position number 85/D/Geo-P and be sent to:

Alfred Wegener Institute of Polar and Marine Research
PO Box 60 01 49
14401 Potsdam, Germany

Application deadline: Monday, 15 October 2012.

For further information, including full project description and
application instructions, please go to:

Or contact:
Julia Boike

Birgit Heim

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