NSF Solicitation Announcement - Coastal SEES

14 August 2012

Solicitation Announcement
Coastal SEES
National Science Foundation

Proposal deadline: 17 January 2013

For the full solicitation, please click on the '12-594' link at:

For further information, please contact:
William J. Wiseman, Program Director, Arctic Natural Sciences
Phone: -703-292-4750
Email: wwiseman@nsf.gov

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has released Program Solicitation
NSF 12-594, entitled 'Coastal Science, Engineering, and Education for
Sustainability' (SEES). The proposal deadline is 17 January 2013, at
5:00 p.m. proposer's local time. The full solicitation may be found by
clicking on the '12-594' link at:

The Coastal SEES program is a multi-directorate program that seeks to:

- Enable place-based system-level understanding of coastal systems
on a variety of spatial and temporal scales;
- Yield outcomes with predictive value in coastal systems; and
- Identify pathways by which outcomes could be used to enhance
coastal sustainability.

Successful proposals will integrate across natural environmental and
human dynamics of coastal systems and contribute to our understanding of
complex systems. Concepts that underlie the science of sustainability
include complex adaptive systems, emergent behavior, and multi-scale
processes, as well as the feedbacks, adaptive capacity, vulnerability,
and resilience of coupled human and natural systems. An important
research goal is to understand how patterns and processes at local and
regional scales are shaped by, and shape, processes and patterns that
manifest at the global scale over the long term. In addition to
encouraging place-based approaches, which can include multiple places,
this solicitation acknowledges the value of issue-based science as well
as longer time-scale perspectives. Relevant issues include sea-level
rise; saline-water encroachment; coastal morphological, land use, and
vegetative changes; ocean ecosystem changes; erosion and land defense;
coastal energy development; and human actions concerning perceptions,
attitudes, and responses to these issues. In some cases, comparative
approaches may be particularly instructive, and multiple domestic sites
and international collaborations will be considered.

The Coastal SEES Program seeks proposals that create
inter/trans-disciplinary research teams. To assist in the development of
new potential partnerships, the initial competition provides two funding
tracks - Track 1 (Incubator Research Proposals) and Track 2 (Research

Proposal deadline: 17 January 2013.

For the full solicitation, please click on the '12-594' link at:

For further information, please contact:
William J. Wiseman, Program Director, Arctic Natural Sciences
Phone: -703-292-4750
Email: wwiseman@nsf.gov

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