Bigelow Laboratory’s Summer Course

11 April 1997

April 11, 1997

The following Bigelow Laboratory's Summer Course still has 2 openings.
Each course will carry 4 credits of graduate credit from the University of
New England. Tuition covers the course materials, housing, and breakfast
and lunch each class day. Further information can be found in the Bigelow
Laboratory for Ocean Sciences home page (

Phytoplankton of the Arctic Environment - taught by Dr. Patricia Matrai
(Bigelow Laboratory) and Dr. Maria Vernet (Scripps Institution of
Oceanography). Large phytoplankton biomass accumulates during spring
blooms in Arctic waters, where algal taxa such as diatoms or the
prymnesiophyte Phaeocystis poucheitii are important components of the
surface ecosystem. The highly productive waters of the polar seas have an
important and relatively unknown role in global geochemical cycles such as
those of carbon and sulfur. Understanding the variability of this system
due to physical and biological factors is an area of active research. Our
course will emphasize the relationships between phytoplankton, their
physical setting, water-ice-atmoshphere interactions, and geochemical
cycles with emphasis in C, S, and N. We will also cover the unique aspects
of the spring phytoplankton bloom, algal species succession, and dynamics
of the seasonal primary production (including controlling factors and fate
of organic matter). The course will consist of lectures, laboratory
training on manipulating polar algal strains, discussions, and literature
reports on current "hot" topics in polar plankton. Individual projects can
be tailored to each student's particular area of interest. The course will
be held 21 July - 1 August, 1997. The tuition for the course is $2,700.

We are currently processing applications for these courses. If you are
interested in attending or have any questions please contact me as soon as


Hilary Smith

Bigelow Laboratory is an equal opportunity institution, dedicated to a
policy of
nondiscrimination on any basis including race, color, age, sex, religion,
disability or national origin. Consistent with the Americans with
Disabilities Act, applicants may request accommodations needed to
participate in the program.

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