Proposals due July 1 for POWRE program

1 May 1997

May 1, 1997


The announcement below may be of interest to some of you; especially
the women arctic scientists who would like to take advantage of the

Mike Ledbetter
Director, ARCSS

Subject: URGENT: Proposals due July 1 for POWRE program
New Program Announcement on the World Wide Web
POWRE - Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and
Education (NSF 97-91).

The NSF POWRE program addresses the need to develop full use of the
nation's human resources for science and engineering. The objectives
of the program are as follows:

1) To provide opportunities for further career advancement,
professional growth, as well as increase prominence of women in
engineering and in the disciplines of science supported by NSF.

2) To encourage more women to pursue careers in science and
engineering by providing greater visibility for women scientists and
engineers in academic institutions and in industry.

Proposals to OPP for the following categories of activities will be

1) Visiting Professor (VP) - $ 150,000 maximum/18 month maximum
2) Visiting Researcher (VR) - $ 150,000 maximum/18 month maximum
3) Research/Educational Enhancements (REE) - $ 75,000 maximum/
18 month maximum

Supplements to existing grants will also be considered - $ 50,000
maximum/12 month maximum

For more information, please consult the POWRE program announcement on the
WWW at

If you have any questions about the POWRE program please speak to your
disciplinary program manager or contact Julie Palais who is the OPP
representative to the NSF-wide POWRE Coordinating Committee (PCC).

Julie M. Palais
Antarctic Glaciology Program
Office of Polar Programs
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22230
Phone: 703/306-1033
Fax: 703/306-0139