Ice Physics in the Natural and Endangered Environment

2 May 1997

May 2, 1997

NATO Advanced Study Institute -- Ice Physics in the Natural and Endangered

The purpose is to bring together a group of distinguished lecturers, active
scientists, and advanced students on current threats to the environment and
the ways in which ice in its various forms may be a part of the problem or
its remediation. An outline of the rationale and principal topics that will
be discussed is available at

Who should Attend
Participants will be advanced graduate students, postdoctoral level
scientists, and more experienced researchers interested in learning about
the various topics represented in the institute. Students should be able to
demonstrate a strong interest in the subject matter represented by at least
one of the subtopics. Attendance will be limited by availability of space
at the Hotel Villa del Mare.

Application Deadline
15 May 1997.

Financial Information
A few openings are still available for subsidized accomodations. For more
information, please see the application form at tehg above mentioned
Internet address or e-mail <>.

Hotel Villa del Mare at Acquafredda di Maratea 150 km south of Naples, Italy

For more information, please see
<> on teh Internet or
send e-mail to <>.