Arctic Research From Submarines

27 May 1997

May 27, 1997

Arctic Research From Submarines

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) in collaboration with the National
Science Foundation (NSF), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) invites
submission of proposals for unclassified basic research to increase our
fundamental understanding of processes in the Arctic Ocean utilizing a U.S.
Navy nuclear submarine as a research support platform. Proposals that take
advantage of research opportunity on one or both of the cruises scheduled
in 1998 and 1999 will be considered. In addition, proposals to analyze and
interpret data acquired during the previous SCICEX cruises are welcome.
This notice constitutes a broad agency announcement as contemplated in FAR

Research areas of interest fall into six broad categories:
* air-ice-ocean interaction,
* ocean circulation,
* ocean biology and chemistry,
* ice-acoustic interaction,
* ice electromagnetic interaction, and
* marine geology and geophysics.

Research goals and plans for the Arctic Region are further described in the
ONR High Latitude Dynamics Program Summary Book, the NSF Arctic Research
Program Publication (NSF95-133), and the NSF Arctic System Science (ARCSS)
Oceans-Atmosphere-Ice Interaction Science Plan. General information on
previous science submarine cruises to the Arctic can be found in: Gossett,
J., Arctic Research Using Nuclear Submarines, Sea Technology, pp. 33-40,
March 1996. A collected set of these documents or additional information
may be obtained by request from the Office of Naval Research, Randall S.
Jacobson, High Latitude Program, ONR 322HL, 800 North Quincy Street,
Arlington, VA 22217-5660, (703) 696-4121 (voice), (703) 696-2007 (FAX),

Questions regarding submarine arctic research capabilities should be
directed to Mr. Jeff Gossett, Arctic Submarine Laboratory, Naval Undersea
Warfare Center, 49250 Fleming Road, San Diego, CA 92152-7210, Phone (619)
553-7446, <>.

Questions regarding proposal business issues and legal matters relating to
this BAA should be directed to Brian Glance, Code 252, Office of Naval
Research, Ballston Tower One, 800 North Quincy St., Arlington, VA
22217-5660, Phone (703) 696-4509 (W-136 SN073888).

For more information, please see the full announcement at