HARC Prospectus

12 June 1997

12 June 1997

TO: Arctic Colleagues

"People and the Arctic: A Prospectus for Research on the Human Dimensions
of the Arctic System" has just been published by ARCUS and is now available
upon request. The prospectus is also available for downloading in pdf
format at <http://arcus.polarnet.com/HARC/>.

If you wish to receive a copy of the HARC Prospectus contact ARCUS at
<arcus@polarnet.com> and request that a copy be mailed.

"People and the Arctic" contains the recommendations developed through a
broad-based and interdiciplinary community planning process. Its
development and publication were funded by the National Science Foundation
(NSF) Arctic System Science Program through ARCUS. Opinions, findings,
conclusions, or recommendations expressed in the prospectus do not
necessarily reflect the views of NSF.

Wendy Warnick
Executive Officer