AAAS Arctic Science Conference Information

23 July 1997

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Milo Sharp
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48th Annual AAAS Arctic Science Conference -- Valdez, Alaska
September 24th-27th, 1997

To examine the potential for expanding the role of basic and applied
science in decision making processes that both guide and constrain the
timing and scale of industrial activities in the North. A series of plenary
sessions will seek a review of "lessons" emanating from a history of
selected cases and subjects that define some of the Arctic's most important
developmental issues. A deliberate attempt to present a spectrum of views
is aligned with the reality of exploitation and the tensions arising
between private sector opportunities and management regulations.

Physical and biological scientists, students, teachers, economists,
sociologists, private sector users of the Arctic's resources, Native
communities, and others of the interested public.

Valdez, AK, deep in the heart of Prince William Sound.

Oral or poster submit by 1 August 1997.

For more information, contact Linda Barker (contact information listed below).

Linda Barker, Conference Coordinator
Institute of Marine Science
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-7220
phone: 907/474-7531
FAX: 907/474-5863