Assignment of Dr. John B. Hunt as Acting Director, OPP

12 August 1997

For your information...
Dennis Peacock

7 August 1997

National Science Foundation
Office of the Director

Staff Memorandum

We are pleased to announce that Dr. John B. Hunt has agreed to serve
as Acting Director, Office of Polar Programs (OPP), effective
September 8, 1997. Dr. Hunt currently serves as Acting Assistant
Director for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS), and has held
positions of increasing responsibility within MPS as Program Director,
division Executive Officer, and directorate Executive Officer. Dr.
Hunt came to NSF in 1983 from Catholic University, where he held an
appointment as Professor of Chemistry since 1962. He received his PhD
in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1962. Dr.
Hunt will be located in Suite 755 and may be reached on 703-306-1030

We very much appreciate Dr. Hunt's willingness to serve in this interim
appointment and look forward to the leadership he will bring to the OPP
ongoing programs and initiatives. Dr. Joseph Bordogna will oversee
OPP operations and functions until September 8th.


Neal Lane Joseph Bordogna
Director Acting Deputy Director