Second Annual ARCUS Award for Arctic Research Excellence

17 September 1997

Dear Colleague:

In keeping with its mission to promote arctic research and education,
the Board of Directors of the Arctic Research Consortium of the United
States (ARCUS) proudly announces the Second Annual ARCUS Award for
Arctic Research Excellence competition. This year's student competition
will be judged in four broad categories: Physical Sciences, Life
Sciences, Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary; with up to four awards
given. An entry form must accompany this year's papers.

The review panel will include top arctic researchers from various
fields. The winners of the "award for excellence" will have the added
experience of presenting their work to a broad-based audience during the
Arctic Forum, a seminar on significant Arctic research, sponsored during
the ARCUS 10th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. The winning student
papers will be published on the ARCUS World Wide Web site as well.

We encourage you to spread the word about the Second Annual ARCUS Award
competition to students who may be interested in this opportunity to
gain national recognition, present their research at a significant
assembly on Arctic research, and receive a $500 dollar cash award. The
text of the announcement flyer follows this message. More information
about the competition, including the winners of last year's award and a
graphical downloadable copy of the flyer, can be found at


Wendy K. Warnick
Executive Officer
* Up to 4 papers awarded in the following categories: physical
sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and interdisciplinary.
* Each winner will receive:
• $500 cash and
• Travel paid to the ARCUS annual meeting to present paper
and receive cash.

* Must be registered undergraduate or graduate student
at the time of submission.
* Must be the primary or sole author of the
paper and a major contributor to the research.

* May address any aspect of Arctic research.
* Must accompany an entry form which can be obtained at or by
contacting ARCUS.
* Must be no longer than 30 pages including bibliography,
single-spaced, in no smaller than 12-point Times font,
and submitted as a single, stapled copy.
* Papers that emphasize interdisciplinary research and
that consider Local and Traditional Knowledge are strongly
* Winners from previous years are not eligible.

* Papers must be submitted to one of the ARCUS Member
Institution Representatives on the attached list by 5:00pm on 1 December
* The awards will be announced by 14 February 1998. The ARCUS
annual meeting is tentatively scheduled for the third week in March

* Questions regarding this competition may be directed to any
of the ARCUS Member Institution Representatives on the
attached list or to the ARCUS office at (907)474-1600 or
* For further information and news, see ARCUS' WWW site at