Deep Sea Research Volume Announcement

8 October 1997

Dear Colleague:

The Deep-Sea Research II volume on the 1994 Arctic Ocean Section will be
published in November 1997. The Arctic Research Consortium of the United
States (ARCUS) has agreed to handle a bulk order and distribution.

If you purchase the volume through ARCUS, a special discount price
($50.00 US + shipping and handling) will be available. This is a one
time offer and the order must be placed by October 31. Individual
orders to the publisher will cost $140.00 US.

If you are interested in ordering, contact Betty Galbraith at ARCUS for
further information (email: ffbjg@aurora.alaska.ed; phone: 907/474-1600;
fax: 907/474-1604).

The volume will contain the following:

"Changes in temperature and contaminant distributions with the Arctic
Ocean." by E.C. Carmack, et al.

"Waters of the Makrov and Canada Basins." by J.H. Swift and E.P. Jones
et al

"Late Cenozoic Sr isotope evolution of the Arctic Ocean: Constraints on
water mass circulation with lower latitude oceans." by D.L. Clark et al

"Barium as a tracer of Arctic halocline and river water." by K.K.

"Distributions of inorganic nutrients and organic carbon and nitrogen in
the Arctic ocean: Implications for the sources of dissolved organic
carbon." by P.A. Wheeler et al

"TH238/U disequilibrium in the central Arctic ocean: implications for
particulate organic carbon export" by S.B. Moran et al

"Microalgae on the Arctic Ocean Section, 1994: species abundance and
biomass" by B.C. Booth and R.A. Horner

"New Measurements of phytoplankton and ice algal production on the
Arctic Ocean" by M.M. Gosselin, et al.

"High bacterial production, uptake and concentrations of dissolved
organic matter in the central Arctic Ocean." by D.L. Kirchman, et al.

"Heterotrophic protists in the central Arctic Ocean." by B.F. Sherr, et

"Infaunal density, biomass, and bioturbation in the sediments of the
Arctic Ocean." by L.M. Clough, et al.

"Organic carbon burial rates across the Arctic Ocean from the 1994
Arctic Ocean Section." by R. Branston

"Natural radionuclides and plutonium in sediments from the western
Arctic Ocean: sedimentation rates and pathways of radionuclides." by C.
A. Huh, et al.

Radiocarbon chronology of depositional regimes in the western Arctic
Ocean." by D. A. Darby, et al.