ASLO/ESA Joint Meeting

27 October 1997

Joint Meeting of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography and
the Ecological Society of America


June 7-12, 1998 St. Louis, Missouri

Special Session (SS2): Arctic Contamination: Levels, Transport, and
Human and Ecological Effects

This session will focus on: (1) the levels and probable sources of
contaminants in coastal ecosystems of the United States Arctic; (2)
contaminant transport pathways (air, sea ice and water, and
consideration of "global fractionation" or "cold trapping" hypothesis on
successive revolatization and possible accumulation of certain
contaminants in the Arctic) and food chain transfers; and (3) adverse
biological effects due to environmental contamination, including
assessment of ecological and human health risks, as appropriate.

It is anticipated that this session will provide a forum for
presentation and debate on varied aspects of this over-arching theme
that requires scientific construct and rational judgment. For
comparative purposes, presentation of data from Canada, Russian Far East
and other Arctic regions will be strongly encouraged.

Session Organizer:

M. Jawed Hameedi NOAA,
N/ORCA2 1305 East-West Highway,
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
telephone: (310) 713-3034 x 170

Abstract Deadline: January 5, 1998

For additional information on the meeting: