Recently Published Books from the Danish Polar Center

28 October 1997

Danish Polar Center has recently published two geological books on
Greenland. Both books can be purchased through the Danish Polar Center
(;; +45/32-88-01-00; fax +45/32-88-01-01).

Published in April 1997:

H. C. Bjerring: The question of the Eotriassic tetrapod genus
Wetlugasaurus in Greenland and thoughts on the fossa coniformis
entopterygoidea. - Meddelelser om Gronland, Geoscience 34, 25 pp.
Copenhagen 1997. Price Dkr 120.

Abstract: Cranial specimens of Eotriassic tetrapods from central East
Greenland which in the mid-1930s were assigned to the genus
Wetlugasaurus have been re-examined and found to represent a new,
capitosaur-like genus, named Selenocara. A coneshaped fossa in the
entopterygoid bone is the focus of particular attention. This depression
appears to have engaged with the affacial process and not, as has often
been manintained, with the basipterygoid process. The consequences of
this reinterpretation of the fossa coniformis entopterygoidea are
far-reaching, and some of them are, to an extent, discussed herein.

Key words: Early Triassic, tetrapod, Selenocara n.g., cranium, jaw
suspension, hearing retroevolutionary analysis.

Hans C. Bjerring is with the Department of Palaeozoology, Swedish Museum
of Natural History, Box 50007, SE-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden.

Published in September 1997:

M.R. Blaker & J. S. Peel: Lower Cambrian trilobites from North
Greenland. Meddelelser om Gronland, Geoscience 35, 145 pp. Copenhagen
1997. Price Dkr 325.

Abstract: Fifty five trilobite species are described from Lower Cambrian
platform margin to outer shelf deposits of North Greenland. The species
indicate the Nevadella and Olenellus Zones of the North American
standard, equivalent to uppermost Atdabanian (?), Botomian and Toyonian
of Siberian usage. New genera: Limniphacos, Haliplanktos. New species:
Limniphacos perspicullum Kootenia oscari, K. radiata. K. Sagena.

Key words: Lower Cambrian, trilobites, North Greenland, systematics,
biostratigraphy, interncontinental correlation.

Mark R. Blaker is with the Department of Geology, The University, Keele,
Staffs ST5 5BG, UK. John S. Peel is with the Department of Historical
Geolgoy and Palaeontology, Institute of Earth Sciences, Uppsala
University, Norbyvogen 22, S-752 36 Uppsala, Sweden.

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