Northern Research Endowment Fund and 1998 Fellowship Competition

20 January 1998

The Northern Research Institute, Yukon College, would like to announce that the deadline for the1998 NRI Fellowship Awards is 16 March 1998. Recipients will be announced are to be made by the end of April. There is a printable copy of the application form that you can fill in on a typewriter on the web: <>

We hope to have ftp access to Word and WordPerfect copies of the application forms. In the meantime, if you'd like a copy of the forms you can fill in on your wordprocessor, please e-mail me <> and I'll send you the file as an attachment. Please let me know what wordprocessor you use so we can send you the best version.

Background on Northern Research Endowment Fund and 1998 Fellowship Competition

The Northern Research Endowment Fund was established in 1989 by the Government of Yukon to support "scholarly research in the humanities, social, pure, and applied sciences that is directly relevant to Yukon." While priority is given to resident researchers of Yukon, non-residents are awarded support provided the research will significantly involve the collaboration of Yukon residents.

The fund consists of $1 million endowment from which the NRI may disburse up to 50% of the earned interest in any one year; the other 50% must be reinvested in the principal. The awards are designated as NRI Research Fellowships, which are awarded competitively. The applications are adjudicated by the NRI's Advisory Board. The NRI Fellowships are adjudicated financial awards for researchers, in the humanities, social, pure and applied sciences, investigating northern issues and phenomena, especially those with a Yukon focus.

For further information about the fund or the competition, please
contact Maureen Long, the Northern Research Institute program officer, at
(867) 668-8772, fax (867) 668-8828, or e-mail at <>.

Amanda Graham
Yukon College