Lane Nomination to become White House Science and Technology Advisor

13 February 1998

Dear Colleague:

ARCUS has just been notified that the President today announced his
intention to nominate Dr. Neal Lane, director of the National Science
Foundation, as his next Assistant to the President for Science and
Technology and Director of the White House Office of Science and
Technology Policy. In his comments to NSF staff, Dr. Lane said "This is
an overwhelming and inspiring honor for me--and one that I believe
reflects very positively on the entire Foundation." He indicated that
he remains fully committed to the Foundation and its programs.

With the nomination of Dr. Lane, the President also announced his intent
to nominate Dr. Rita Colwell as NSF Director. Dr. Colwell was announced
last month for the position of NSF Deputy Director. Dr. Lane noted in
his comments that "[Dr. Colwell's] distinguished career in both research
and management makes her an outstanding choice."

There is not yet a timetable for these changes; such information will be
distributed as soon as it becomes available.