Polartech ‘98 Invitation

3 April 1998


Nuuk, Greenland, June 8-14 1998

7th International Conference on the Development and Commercial Utilization
of Technologies in Polar Regions.

Main Theme:
Technology, Resources and Living Conditions in the Arctic

Sub-theme 1 - Supply and Consumption
Within the framework of the theme, the conference examines the interaction
between supply and consumption, e.g. within electricity, oil and water, and
within the areas of consumer goods and building materials as well. New
commercial possibilities and technology which may lead to increased
self-sufficiency or export are also included.

Consumption is usually related to the development of living conditions and
the accompanying economic development. Supply is to a greater extent
determined by technology. Similarly, the resource base may be of crucial

Sub-theme 2 - Transport and Communication
The infrastructure of transport and communication are vital links between
the arctic societies locally, nationally and internationally. Arctic
societies are characterized by a low population density distributed over
the vast land masses. Advanced technology offers the possibility of
overcoming some of these difficulties, thereby creating an improved
commercial environment and better living conditions for the Arctic people.

The conference examines the recent advances in technology on land, at sea,
and in the air. The potential of new telecommunications techniques - the
introduction of information technology in particular - are assessed.

Tentative program:
1. The role of energy in the Arctic
2. The design for runoff power station in high freezing zone
3. Validation and inter-comparison of hydrological models for water
resource applications in Greenland
4. Energy storage for hybrid remote power stations
5. TELE Greenland's energy systems
6. Fuel supply in arctic areas
7. Arctic oil transport concept
8. Kilpisjarvi - The experimental Arctic village
9. Thaw deformation in earth-fills compacted of frozen soils.
10. Use of underground massives of frozen soils for oil products storage
and burial of toxic industrial waste in the arctic.
11. The impact of crude oil spill resulting from petroleum and natural
gas exploitation in ice covered sea area on regional economy
12. Scientific exploration in the Arctic.
13. The development of pro profilactical polymeric coating of the soil
14. Transport and communication in the cold regions. A comparative study
of the Himalayas and the Arctic.
15. Compacted snow and glacial ice runway technology to support heavy
wheeled aircraft
16. Methods to increase strength and durability of snow roads and runways
17. Examples of small quay structures in small towns and settlements in
Greenland designed especially for remote places
18. Telecommunications structures in Arctic regions
19. Multigon houses - a Canadian solution to Arctic housing.
20. Ice central Narsarsuaq - history and future
21. ICE WATCH: Use of satellite SAR data in ice navigation
22. Ship navigation in the Greenland waters using satellite derived ice
23. Possibility, advisability and perspective of transarctic transit
24. Satellite tracking of icebergs in the Eastern Baffin Bay.
25. Iceberg Characteristics offshore Greenland
26. Dynamic model of ice pile-up formation on the example of Pechora Sea
27. Ice conditions near the region Prirazlomnoye oil field in the
Pechora Sea
28. IT in Greenland
29. The national Greenlandic hospital discharge register past, present
and future.
30. Inuit and globalisation. The internet in the Arctic.
31. Technological change and socio-economic stability in Spmi
32. Risk assessment strategies for evaluation of thermal stress in cold
33. Study on traffic on ice cover.
34. Containerization and route planning in Greenland.
35. Use of Russian icebreakers and helicopters for tourism in polar regions.
36. The Lincolm Sea project.

Polartech 98 Exhibition
A technical-commercial exhibition supporting the main themes of POLARTECH
98 is organized as an integrated part of the conference.

For more information, please contact the conference secretariat.

Post Conference
A post conference tour from June 15-19, 1998, is arranged to Ilulissat,
which is know, among other things, for the fastest moving glacier in the
world. The post conference tour will comprise a full days seminar with the
main theme Technology, resources and Living conditions in Greenland -
visions, prospects and hurdles.

Official travel agent
Greenland Incoming has been appointed the official travel agent for the
conference and will handle all related travel arrangements, including hotel
accommodations and tours.

Greenland Incoming
Telephone (+299) 328240
Telefax (+299) 328250
e-mail incoming@greennet.gl

Registration fee
The conference fee is DKK 3900,- per person.

1 USD is equal to DKK 6.92 (February 12,1998).

Please forward the registration form enclosed to the invitation as soon as
possible - but not later than April 15, 1998 - together with your payment
to the conference secretariat.

Conference Secretariat
P.O.Box 1003
DK-3900 Nuuk

Telephone: (+299) 321045
Telefax : (+299) 324501
e-mail: hoyer@greennet.gl

Welcome to Polartech 98 in Nuuk, Greenland

Hans J. Høyer
Chairman - Local Organizing Committee