ARCSS Science Plan Available

20 May 1998

May 20, 1998

Dear Colleague:

The new science plan for the NSF Arctic System Science (ARCSS) Program "Toward Prediction of the Arctic System: predicting future states of the arctic system on seasonal-to-century time scales by integrating observations, process research, modeling, and assessment" is now available from the Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS).

This plan examines the progress made in the last eight years, reviews significant research findings from each of the major programs of ARCSS, provides a basis for increased integration and synthesis, and begins to define the questions and research priorities that now arise based on increased understanding of the arctic system.

Copies of "Toward Prediction of the Arctic System" are available from ARCUS. Contact ARCUS at <>. You may also view or download the report in PDF format from ARCUS' Web site at <>.

Jack Kruse, Chair
ARCSS Committee

Wendy K. Warnick
Executive Director, ARCUS