21 May 1998

On Friday, 22 May 1998, the Arctic Research Consortium of the United
States (ARCUS) will be moving its Web site and email system to a new
server. This move will not cause any downtime; our old website
( and email adresses will forward

The new URL for the ARCUS website is If you
have bookmarked the ARCUS website, you will need to do so again. The
former address will still connect you to our new website for four months
(through September 1998) but we strongly suggest you switch to the new
address now.

Email addresses for ARCUS staff members will change to our new domain
name. The old addresses will automatically forward to the new addresses
for four months (through September 1998) but we suggest switching now.
All ARCUS email addresses will end in "". A list follows:

Alison Carter
Milo Sharp
Anne Sudkamp
Diane Wallace
Wendy Warnick
Alison York
General ARCUS communications

If you are ever in doubt about email addresses, all ARCUS staff also can
be emailed at (e.g., Email addresses
for Sean Topkok, Renée Crain, and Clara Jodwalis
will remain the same, although you can also mail them at the format.

Thanks for taking the time to change your Internet bookmarks and email
addresses. We hope that this transition will cause minimal disruption
and that it will result in faster and more reliable service to the
arctic research community.

We welcome comments or feedback. Please send suggestions to Wendy
Warnick ( or Milo Sharp ( Thank you
for your patience during this transition, and we apologize