Request for Ocean Drilling Program Statements

26 June 1998

Dear Colleague:

The Ocean Drilling Program will end on October 1, 2003. Pressure from the community will be required to continue this successful program. If it is to survive past 2003, ODP will almost certainly be quite different with new platforms. This is an unique opportunity for the Arctic geoscience community to have a major role.

Needed by 1 September 1998 are: brief 1 page statements that describe an Arctic scientific objective, its importance, and the necessity for drilling. Specific sites are not required and technical details are not necessary. These statements will be used to add additional members to a Committee for a Spring 1999 International Conference to target requirements for non-riser drilling using multiple platforms. The objective based on the scientific input is to add additional members to the Organizing Committee to ensure that there is appropriate breadth of expertise, as well as to determine the organization and sessions within the conference.

This is an opportunity for the Arctic community not only to show their support for scientific drilling but also influence new scientific directions. It is critical that a strong showing by Arctic geoscientists be obtained.

Deadline: 1 September, 1998.

Submit to:
Department of Geology and Geophysics
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543