Witness the Arctic, Spring 98

14 July 1998

13 July 1998

TO: Arctic Colleagues

The Spring 1998 issue (Volume 6, Number 1) of the newsletter "Witness the Arctic" has just been published and is now being mailed to subscribers. The newsletter is bulk mailed; it may be anywhere from one week to a month before you receive your copy (our apologies). You can expedite future mailings by making sure that we have your complete 9-digit zip code. Check the address label and send updated information, including a complete 9-digit zip code, to ARCUS at <arcus@arcus.org>.

The on-line editions of the newsletter, including this most recent issue, are available for downloading in pdf format at <http://www.arcus.org/Witness_the_Arctic/>.

If you are not currently on our mailing list and wish to subscribe to "Witness" send complete contact information to ARCUS with your request. You may submit ideas for the Autumn 1998 newsletter to ARCUS by 1 September 1998.

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