AGU Special Session - ARCTIC SIBERIA

25 August 1998

Dear Colleagues,

This is an invitation to submit abstracts for paper or poster presentations
for a Special Session at the Fall Meeting of AGU (San Francisco) on The
Late Quaternary of arctic Siberia. We are seeking presentations on marine
records, terrestrial records and climate model results for the late
Quaternary of arctic Siberia. We particularly encourage presentations that
link marine and terrestrial environmental change.

We have a great program of invited talks and there will be several other
arctic environmental changes sessions at the AGU. Please consider coming!

For further information see the AGU website (below) or contact me at

Dec. 6-10 in San Francisco, California

Special Session: Ocean Sciences 16 (OS16)

WEB address: (See this for much

RIGID Abstract Deadline: Mail August 26 in Washington D.C.
Electronically via Web - Sept. 1

Fees: Abstract fee - $60-$70.00 (YOU USE CREDIT CARD ONLINE)
Registration - about US$250-300 for the entire meeting - $125-150
for one day.

Glen M. MacDonald
Department of Geography
Department of Biology
405 Hilgard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 310-825-2568
Fax: 310-206-5976