Publication Announcement

1 September 1998

Publication Announcement

by Milton M. R. Freeman, Lyudmila Bogoslovskaya, Richard A. Caulfield,
Ingmar Egede, Igor I. Krupnik, and Marc G. Stevenson (Sponsored by the Inuit
Circumpolar Conference)

With a Foreword by Aqqaluk Lygne, President, ICC

Whales inspire great fascination in the public culture of industrialized
nations. Images of majestic and mysterious creatures of the sea, hunted to
or nearly to tragic extinction in a emblematic example of human excess, have
fueled the economic and cultural power of this century's global movement to
end whale hunting. However, this political movement, and the ecological
research it initiated, has largely ignored the experience of Native
circumpolar communities, whose vast knowledge of whales and whaling has
evolved through centuries of integrated cultural and economic practices
rooted in the ethics of subsistence consumption and sustainability. Today,
Inuit peoples find themselves struggling with international management
regimes which, while they have been successful in curbing the destruction of
large-scale, commercial whaling enterprises, have imposed policies that are
insensitive to the needs and traditions of Native subsistence hunters.

Inuit, Whaling, and Sustainability is based on extensive ethnographic,
ecological, and policy research sponsored by the Inuit Circumpolar
Conference, and presents Inuit perspectives on the integral role whales play
in cultural, economic, philosophical, and nutritional aspects of Inuit life.
This book is also the first major publication to engage in policy analysis,
and formulate modes of environmental research, grounded in Inuit voices and

CONTENTS: List of Illustrations / Foreword by Aqqaluk Lygne / Preface /
Acknowledgements / Introduction: A Book on Inuit Whaling? / Chapter One: The
Importance of Inuit Whaling Today / Chapter Two: Whaling By Inuit:
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow / Chapter Three: Human Rights and the
International Whaling Commission / Chapter Four: A Review of Whaling
Management Regimes / Chapter Five: Challenges to the Sustainable Use of
Whales by Inuit / Chapter Six: Securing the Future of Inuit Whaling /
Epilogue: Inuit and Whales / Appendix A: Inuit Communities Mentioned in the
Text / Appendix B: Glossary / Index

August 1998 / 208 pages
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