Arctic Seas: Currents of Change

10 September 1998

Dear Colleagues,

This is an invitation and final announcement for the upcoming symposium
ARCTIC SEAS: CURRENTS OF CHANGE, to be held October 21-24 in Mystic, CT.
Convened to mark the International Year of the Ocean, the symposium will
cover a range of topics relating to changing physical, biological, and
sociological conditions associated with changes in the Arctic seas.

Program and registration details may be viewed on the website of Mystic
Aquarium at (under the Research heading). The
forum promises an exciting blend of new information from the most recent
studies of surface heat balance to the perspectives gained from
decades-long studies on polar bears, ringed seals, and marine birds.
Additional attractions include films on the Arctic, and a closing banquet
featuring HIH Princess Takamado of Japan as the speaker.

I encourage those who are interested to submit their registration materials
as soon as possible since attendance will be restricted by the capacity of
the venues. We look forward to seeing you in Mystic in October.

David J. St. Aubin
Director of Research and Veterinary Services
Mystic Aquarium, Mystic CT