Reorganization of IARC Science Plan

14 October 1998

Announcement of reorganization of the
International Arctic Research Center's (IARC)
Science Plan.

During the Science Advisory Committee (SAC) meetings in Tromso, Norway
August 24 - 26 a proposal for revising the IARC science plan was made by
Professor Akasofu (Director of IARC) and accepted by the SAC. This
revision includes ALL components of the original plan but reorganizes
the various components into eight project-based thematic research areas.
The SAC responded positively to this revision and proposed a modified
advisory and implementation structure for assuring the broadest possible
scientific input to further planning, implementation and oversight.

These issues were later considered and approved by the IARC Implementation
Committee (IC) in Vancouver, British Columbia September 14 and 15.

The newly modified IARC web page <> will help
interested parties to understand the reorganization of the original science
plan and will provide some details on various components of the resulting
research themes, some proposed initial projects, and existing related
programs that may become involved.

The science community is encouraged to comment on the original plan, this
developing reorganization of the IARC Science Plan and to provide any other
commentary related to the developing International Arctic Research Center.
The IARC Science Advisory Committee will meet on October 22 and 23 to
discuss community inputs and other related issues. Please address your
responses to appropriate member(s) of the SAC (names and address on the
IARC web page) and/or to my office. All community responses will be
collected at the UAF Office of Arctic Research for distribution to all SAC
and IC members. Please address email related to these issues to

Ted DeLaca, Director, Office of Arctic Research, UAF