New Polar Research Board Report Available

22 October 1998

New Polar Research Board Report Available:
Future Directions for the NSF's Arctic Natural Sciences Program

Dear Colleague,

Within NSF's Office of Polar Programs (OPP) the Arctic Natural Sciences
Program is responsible for funding state-of-the-art research in an
exceptionally wide range of fields, from atmospheric sciences, space
sciences, and biology to earth sciences, glaciology and oceanography.

The scope of the program presents special management challenges, and as a
result OPP asked the Polar Research Board for advice to guide the program's
evolution. A special committee was charged to review the program's
management and research strategy and provide guidance on how to set research
priorities given the diverse scientific issues that fall within its purview.
The committee's final report, Future Directions for the National Science
Foundation's Arctic Natural Sciences Program, is now available.

It has has been published online at In addition,
copies may be ordered ($15.00) by calling 1-800-624-6242 or in writing from

National Academy Press
2101 Constitution Avenue NW
Lockbox 285
Washington, DC 20055.

The report also can be ordered at a discount online at

Chris Elfring
Polar Research Board