A Warm Welcome to the Arctic Reception at AGU

12 November 1998

You are invited to a reception hosted by the Arctic Institute of North
America (AINA) and the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States
(ARCUS) at the Fall AGU meeting in San Francisco, CA.

The reception will honor Art Lachenbruch and will be on

Sunday, December 6
5:30 - 7:00 PM
Room 250/262

Moscone Center
747 Howard Street,
San Francisco

The special session "Heat, Stress, and Climate - The Legacy of
Arthur H. Lachenbruch I: Heat Flow and Tectonics and II: Permafrost
and Climate" on Monday, December 7 will honor Art Lachenbruch's many
definitive contributions to understanding Earth's thermal budget and
their implications for active tectonics, climate change, and surface
processes. These oral sessions are followed by a poster session starting
Tuesday morning; it features about 30 contributions. See
http://www.agu.org/meetings/fm98top.html for details.

The Arctic Institute of North America and ARCUS jointly sponsor receptions
at the Fall AGU meeting to provide a place where hundreds of people with
Arctic interests can find each other amidst the thousands at the AGU
meeting. This year's reception is also co-sponsored by the Snow, Ice and
Permafrost committee of AGU. Our theme continues to be: "Come see old
friends and meet some new ones". If you have questions contact:

Carl Benson <benson@gi.alaska.edu> of AINA, or
Wendy Warnick <warnick@arcus.org> of ARCUS