Funding Opportunities in Global Change

20 November 1998

Frontier Research Program for Global Change
International Arctic Research Center
University of Alaska Fairbanks

The International Arctic Research Center (IARC) at the University of Alaska
invites proposals to respond to research opportunities under the Frontier
Research Program for Global Change. The objective is to start research at
the IARC related to specific areas of its published science plan
(see Funding for this is made available through
Japan's Frontier Research Program for Global Change (see The Frontier program is a joint program
supported by Japan's Marine Science Technology Center (JAMSTEC) and the
National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA) and the objective of its
arctic component is to understand climate variability and predictability in
the arctic region with strong emphasis on process studies and model
development. IARC has been jointly established and operated by UAF, NASDA

For this announcement we solicit proposals in the areas of:
I. Detection of Contemporary Change
* Climate variability of the coupled ice-ocean system.
* Atmosphere and clouds.
* The freshwater budget of the Arctic Ocean.
* Atmospheric moisture balances in the arctic-subarctic region.
* Changes in snow, sea ice, glaciers and ice sheets.
* Changes in permafrost, landscapes and soils.

III. Interactions and Feedbacks that Affect Change
* Atmosphere-Ice-Oceans Interactions
* Interactions and feedbacks between the atmosphere, ice and ocean.
* Bio-geochemical processes and sea-air interactions.
* Global-Arctic interactions of the atmosphere-ice-ocean system.

Six-months proposals, starting on 1 January 1999 or mutually agreed
dates are requested on the above IARC science plan topics. Proposals with
budgets up to $50,000 can request support for the following allowable

* Salary of PI (up to 3 months)
* Travel to IARC from home institution
* Research Assistants
* Materials and supplies
* Computer facilities and CPU time.

Terms and conditions:
* At least 50% of the time requested in the budget should be spent at
IARC or in the field in the Arctic.
* All activities will be required to acknowledge the financial support
from the Frontier Research Program for Global Change/IARC in reports,
papers, dissertations etc.
* Short progress reports are due from all funded projects on 1 September

Collaboration with Frontier/IARC researchers is highly encouraged.
Collaboration is also desirable with UAF Scientists and the Frontier
Research System in Tokyo.

Proposals should not exceed 5 pages in text and illustrations, not counting
c.v.'s, budget page and appendices, and should include:
* Objectives
* Background and literature
* Work statement
* Relation to ongoing activities (if relevant)
* Budget
* 2-page c. v. (not more)

Proposals should be submitted by December 15 and up to ten proposals will be
funded. Send five (5) copies of all proposals or any requests for further
information to:

Prof. Syun Akasofu, Director
International Arctic Research Center
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, AK 99775
Fax: (907) 474 7290