Pushchino, Russia Permafrost Conference 10 December deadline

4 December 1998

Dear Colleagues:

I am just back from a permafrost workshop in Novosibirsk. Dr. Pavlov asked
me to circulate the following announcement. This particular meeting will
help launch the international permafrost monitoring network and bring
glaciologists and geocryologists together. The hosts require an initial
positive response from 10 foreigners so that translation and interperting
costs can be covered. In turn registration, costs may be reduced. Abstracts
will be due about February 1st.

Jerry Brown

What follows is information about the Pushchino conference

to be held in Pushchino, Moscow region, Russia, 20-23 April 1999

The main suggested topics include:

* Monitoring of snow and glaciers (including other fresh water ice)
* Monitoring of Cryosols
* Monitoring active layer and permafrost
* Permafrost-climate scenarios for the 21st century
* Monitoring of northern geosystems
* Geographical and geocryological information technologies

Simultaneous translations will be provided for all sessions.
Registration fee will be about US $250.
Hotel accommodations costs are reasonably low, and will be announced in
the first circular.

Please indicate your interest in the conference by sending email to
emelnikov@glas.apc.org before December 10th with the following information:

___ I am going to participate

___ I hope to participate

___ I am not able to participate.

Chairman of Organizing Committee
Professor V.M. Kotlyakov